20 Most Viewed Catalogs of 2023

As 2023 comes to a close, we’re continuing our annual tradition of diving into a sea of promotional product catalogs that rocked ZOOMcatalog over the past twelve months. This is one of our favorite times of the year, because it gives us a chance to look back and appreciate all the hard work and effort our awesome suppliers put into these catalogs.

We’ve crunched the numbers from all the corners of the internet –  ZOOMcatalog’s search engine, buying group tools, distributor and suplier websites, ZOOMcustom, you name it. The result? A list of the most popular catalogs on our servers.

If you took everyone who looked at one of these catalogs and put them in one place, they would exceed the population of Chicago, Illinois. (Sorry Windy City, we’re taking you over in the name of ZOOMcatalog!) That’s MILLIONS of people viewing and sharing supplier catalogs in 2023!

But it’s not just about the numbers. It’s also about the hard work you put in this year, and how that work paves the way into our future with bout you guys strutting into the digital future with confidence. These amazing digital designs, from snazzy full-line catalogs to niche lookbooks, are pushing the promotional products industry to wild new heights.

And let’s not forget the hard-working distributors who use ZOOMcatalogs to market and sell promo. It takes everyone to keep this industry going! So, as we boldly face the future, let’s celebrate the top twenty catalogs that caught the eyes of millions. Cheers to breaking limits and rocking the digital game!

A quick note on (all versions): When you see this listed in an entry, it means we calculated the total views across all versions of that ZOOMcatalog, including the priced and unpriced versions. As you’ll see in the list, giving your customers options really pays off!

The Top 20 Most Viewed Catalogs of 2023

#20 Charles River Apparel

View Charles River’s Catalogs

#19 Peerless Umbrella

View Peerless Umbrella’s Catalogs

#18 PCNA: PCNA Holiday 2023

View PCNA’s Catalogs

#17 The Magnet Group Branded Solutions

View The Magnet Group’s Catalogs

#16 OTTO Premium Headwear

View OTTO’s Catalogs

#15 Bel Promo’s Top 100 (all versions)

View Bel Promo’s Catalogs

#14 Bag Makers

View Bag Makers’ Catalogs

#13 Stouse 2023

View Stouse’s Catalogs

#12 Tie Dye USA: Colortone Tie-Dye (all versions)

View Tie Dye USA’s Catalogs

#11 Founders Sports Group: Fall

View Founders Sports Group’s Catalogs

#10 Urban Couture Group: UC Sportswear

View Urban Couture Group’s Catalogs

#9 Blue Generation

View Blue Generation’s Catalogs

#8 Augusta Sportswear Brands (all versions)

View Augusta Sportswear’s Catalogs

#7 Hit Promo

View Hit Promo’s Catalogs

#6 AZX Sport (all versions)

View AZX Sport’s Catalogs

#5 Perry Ellis Callaway Corporate Apparel

View Perry Ellis Callaway’s Catalogshttps://www.zoomcatalog.com/search#2337?sp

#4 alphabroder: Spring Catalog (all versions)

View alphabroder’s Catalogs

#3 S&S Activewear: S&S What’s New

View S&S Activewear’s Catalogs

#2 alphabroder: Promotional Apparel & Products (all versions)

View alphabroder’s Catalogs

#1 SanMar Essentials (all versions)

View SanMar’s Catalogs

Honorable Mentions

Buying Groups with Most views:

  1. Proforma – The Power of Impressions
  2. Kaeser and Blair – KB Best Buys

Most Viewed Suppliers
(totaled across all their catalogs)

  1. PCNA
  2. SanMar
  3. alphabroder

Most Viewed International Suppliers:

  1. Amrod (South Africa)
  2. PenCarrie (Europe)


What are the next steps? What will happen in 2024? How do we continue to move forward?

New generations of buyers are coming through the ranks, and they are looking for a different way to buy. These changes won’t stop, and they won’t slow down. An effective digital strategy will help suppliers and distributors stay relevant and grow. 

Here are some tips to make the most of your digital marketing strategy:

  • Mix Media: Incorporate product videos, live demos, and other motion in your marketing mix. These can be embedded directly into ZOOMcatalogs for quick reference. 
  • Check Your Keywords: Updating key search terms will help users find your content faster and allow it to be featured. Don’t forget variations on words and their synonyms! It’s promo, promotional, swag, giveaways, etc. 
  • Teach Your Users: Train your sales reps, top customers, and marketing pros on how to use the tools available to them. (Drop us a line if you want us to host a training session!)
  • Embrace the Niche: Create smaller themed catalogs to increase searchability and expand your coverage. 
  • Be Where Your Buyers Are: Offer your digital catalogs on your website and share them on social media, in your email signatures, as QR codes at tradeshows and in product demonstrations. There are thousands of ways to share a digital catalog. Take advantage of each and every one! 
  • Consider the End-Buyer: When you design your catalog with the end-buyer in mind, distributors will be more inclined to customize your catalog and share it throughout the year.  
  • Make Your Catalogs Customizable: Engage end-buyers with custom marketing and sales content. Help your customers see themselves in your products by using ZOOMstudio to make your catalogs and lookbooks customizable.

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