With an emphasis on teamwork and a long history of specializing in hard goods, Logomark stands out as a leader among promotional products suppliers. Watch Bryan Hernandez explain how very recently, they've made huge strides in advancing their digital marketing efforts.

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Built-up through years of acquisitions, alphabroder has blended the best people, processes, and products to become one of the most trusted wholesale promotional products suppliers in the industry. We sat down with Steve Valeri, alphabroder's Vice President of Marketing, to talk about the strategy behind their decision to not print any catalogs this year.

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For over 60 years, Gemline has been a premier supplier for the promotional products industry. Gemline’s digital marketing philosophy revolves around a simple concept: create tools that highlight their products and brands, and make it easy for distributors to sell their products.

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S&S has grown from a small supplier with a single distribution center to one of the largest blank apparel wholesalers in the promotional products industry. All in the span of 10 years. We interviewed Ashley Nielsen, S&S’s Senior Director of Marketing and Merchandising about S&S’s digital journey and why they’re choosing to forego a 900-page printed big book in favor of digital tools.

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HPG, a top 10 supplier in the promotional products industry, is a clear leader when it comes to creating engaging, user-friendly content marketing materials for distributors and end-users. We interviewed their Marketing Director Ben Pawsey about HPG’s journey towards digital transformation as part of our new series called Going Digital, and we learned how the company continues to innovate, even within a challenging and evolving business environment.

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