For over 60 years, Gemline has been a premier supplier for the promotional products industry. They represent some rather high-end brands, and they’ve always been forward-thinking when it comes to the evolving landscape of digital marketing.

We sat down with Saadia Bryant, Gemline’s VP of Marketing, Product & Design to talk about all the ways Gemline is transforming the digital customer experience. 

One of the industry’s first suppliers to move away from phone-book-sized kitchen sink catalogs, Gemline has focused on creating lookbooks and niche catalogs. They bring their products to life with eye-catching lifestyle images and a clean design that shows you what’s new and different at a glance.

Click here to see Gemline’s current catalogs and lookbooks.

Gemline’s digital marketing philosophy revolves around a simple concept: create tools that highlight their products and brands, and make it easy for distributors to sell their products.

“We look at our website as our hub of activity…you can either download tools or customize tools for your use that will make it easier for the distributor to do business with their customer.”

You can jump to the full interview with Saadia here or check out the highlights below.

Video Highlight: A Hub for Digital Resources

Their digital tools aren’t just for customers, though. Gemline empowers its sales team with easy-to-use digital tools.

“As a marketing organization, we’re a small organization. We can’t possibly create every tool that everyone needs. (We try!) The digital aspect of it allows for our sales team to create marketing tools as well.”

Video Highlight: Marketing Tools for Custom Flyers

COVID-19 propelled many people into an unfamiliar digital landscape. As Saadia says, “Any change brings challenges. Humans don’t’ deal well with change.” That is why she sees it as Gemline’s responsibility to help distributors along their digital journey and let them know that Gemline is there every step of the way.

“In the digital landscape, we’ve been able to quickly react and create tools to meet the needs of the business.”

Video Highlight: Moving at the Speed of Digital

To stay nimble and on the cutting edge of the switch to digital, Gemline has invested in systems that enable a seamless purchasing process. They want to ensure that it is easy to do business with them at every step of the sales cycle.  

One of those cutting-edge switches involves embracing video as a sales medium. Gemline has evolved their video production beyond simple product turnarounds. They’ve focused on real-world, lifestyle videos that create a huge emotional impact, and they’ve integrated those videos into their digital marketing campaigns.

Flip through Gemline’s Spring Lookbook 2021 below and notice how the catalog works together with the embedded videos and external links to Gemline’s website, creating an interactive companion piece to their integrated marketing campaign. It’s effective because of the seamless, almost natural way each piece of the technology fits together.

“We’ve got a lot of really exciting things on the horizon: more digital tools, more things on, and a better experience for our sales team and distributors.”

Video Highlight: Enhancing Service with Digital Tools

When we asked Saadia what advice she’d give companies who are taking their first steps into a digital transformation, she said, “Don’t be afraid.” Take the leap, test, learn, and then make adjustments. 

Gemline is staying on the cutting edge of digital marketing, and they’re helping the rest of us join them at the forefront. To explore more of their strategies, watch the full interview below, and check out their digital materials.

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