Gold Bond has been recognized as one of the top 40 suppliers in the promotional products industry. How do they consistently rake in distributor choice awards? By standing out from the crowd with their innovations and commitment to the customer experience. Now, Gold Bond has their sights set on expanding the creative potential of their customers with digital tools.

Gold Bond specializes in bringing brands to life through innovative products and imprinting methods.

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Britney Godsey is the Chief Revenue Officer at Gold Bond. In her words, that means she gets to work with a lot of cool people on a daily basis. Her team consists of the sales, marketing, order entry, and product development teams, and her goal is to build harmony among all of Gold Bond’s front-facing teams to enhance the user experience. 

Britney throws open the doors to Gold Bond’s new digital studio and invites us in to show off not only their digital tools, but also the enthusiasm and passion for promotional products that make Gold Bond one of the leading suppliers in the industry. You can watch Britney’s full interview here or check out the video highlights in the article below.

Gold Bond started tapping into the digital shift in 2019. They started by exploring concepts that could enhance their customer’s self-service options. When 2020 happened, they recognized that their clients were experiencing a dramatic shift in the way they were prospecting new business. 

To help make things easier, Gold Bond expedited their digital projects, bringing them to the forefront of their business strategy. The transition was not without its challenges, however…

Video Highlight: Biggest Challenges

Big challenges equal big payoffs. The new digital tools have become important tools that greatly benefit their clients. So much so, that Gold Bond didn’t get the amount of push-back they expected. 

“A lot of people have transformed their day-to-day routines. They’ve established this new normal and found a lot of productivity and efficiency.”

Her vision is to enhance and enrich their new routines with digital tools and resources. 

“As soon as we’d launch our print catalog at the Vegas show,” Britney explained. “Three months later it was obsolete. Items change. Prices change. Colorways differ. Now, when we do the digital version, we can update it on the fly.”

Gold Bond made it a priority to launch ZOOMstudio, a drag and drop platform that allows their team and distributors to build sales and marketing materials. They also integrated their data with ZOOMstudio, so when, so when something changes in their system, it is automatically reflected in the tool itself. It mitigates the risk of giving out incorrect or outdated product information, reducing friction and ensuring there’s no animosity with customers and end-users.

Video Highlight: Digital Adoption

Britney is such a huge fan of how creative distributors are getting with their digital materials.

“My GOSH! Distributors are so savvy and so creative!”

One of the most interesting new trends they’ve been seeing is the emergence of eCommerce. There’s been an explosion of pop-up shops and other physical formats, and they were thirsting for content that they could use in these new platforms that didn’t require them to reinvent the wheel.

They started taking digital assets that Gold Bond had generated for them – knowing that the data was accurate and up to date – tweaked them to encompass the appropriate branding highlights, and then easily offered solutions to their customers in real time.

“I’ve got to give distributors kudos,” Britney said. “They did an amazing job of leveraging their supplier resources when they transitioned to digital.”

Video Highlight: Self Service Opportunities

Going digital has improved their clients’ efficiency, too. “So many of our clients are working abnormal hours,” Britney said. “They’re working before 8:00, after 5:00. They want self-service opportunities they can take and use themselves.”

No one wants to send a late-night text or an after-hours email. When your customers can create the materials they need on their own with confidence that the information is correct – it’s a game-changer.

Video Highlight: Ease of Use

“From a tactical perspective,” Britney said. “It was so easy to move our digital assets into ZOOMstudio, format them appropriately for the distributor, and let them rock.”

Video Highlight: What’s Next

What’s Britney’s advice to other companies making the switch to digital? “Don’t delay. If you have any hesitation, throw it out the window. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to catch up. There’s so much opportunity out there to provide a better user experience for your clients.”

Give them more tools, Britney urges. “The best part about ZOOMstudio is that distributors have already been leveraging this platform for quite some time. It’s exciting when they see something new on the platform. There’s no negative to it. Jump all the way in.”