With an emphasis on teamwork and a long history of specializing in all manner of hard goods, Logomark is a leader among promotional products suppliers. Over the last few years, Logomark has made huge strides in advancing their digital marketing efforts.

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We sat down with Bryan Hernandez, Director of Marketing at Logomark, to talk about their switch to digital and to get the inside scoop on that virtual showroom they debuted at PPAI Expo Direct-2-You this year.

You can watch Bryan’s full interview here or check out the video highlights in the article below.

Video Highlight: Catalogs & Flyers

Bryan attributes much of their success to their digital catalog and flyer strategy. Logomark designs their marketing materials to be customized, which means distributors can take them and post them to their own websites, share them on social media, via email, etc. This leads to a greater impact and wider reach for less cost than it takes to print a catalog.

Logomark’s digital transformation began a number of years ago, but it kicked into high gear in 2019 when they transitioned to digital catalogs. COVID-19 was the tipping point that accelerated the digital transformation not only for Logomark, but across the entire promotional products industry. 

One of the biggest projects that advanced Logomark’s timeline was relaunching the supplier’s website. Bryan and his team completely redesigned the site, taking the opportunity to overhaul the functionality as well. It was a lengthy process – especially with the large number of products and services Logomark offers – but after ironing out all of the bumps and squashing all of the bugs, it was a huge success.

“Since switching to digital…we get much more impact for a lot less cost.”

With less concern about printing costs, Logomark is free to create beautiful breakout catalogs for niche markets, highlighting specific lines and collections in their deep inventory of hardgoods and select softgoods, like PPE items. 

Switching to digital catalogs also allows Logomark to add interactivity to their catalogs and flyers. They leverage external links, directing viewers back to specific products on their website, providing additional product information, decoration details, live inventory, and more. 

“We link our digital catalogs to our website so you can get live inventory and see more detailed information that you can’t get in traditional print catalogs.”

Going digital also allows Logomark to adjust their prices based on a fluctuating market in real-time, and also offers a level of tracking and analytics print catalogs just can’t equal.

Video Highlight: Breakout Catalog Strategy

With Logomark’s broad range of products and brand names, they take a lot of their digital branding inspiration from B2C companies. While the heart of the company is B2B, Bryan explained that they craft their marketing content like a retail brand, delivering a best-in-class and familiar consumer experience for their distributor customers.

“Everything is targeted to the end user so that distributors can utilize it as their own.”

And ZOOMcustom makes it easy for Logomark’s customers to bring that B2C sensibility to their own marketing efforts. The ZOOMcustom tool allows distributors to rebrand all of Logomarks catalogs and flyers, and since Bryan gets a notification whenever someone customizes one of their digital marketing materials, he knows people are using it every day.

Video Highlight: Retail Inspiration

Like most things over the last year, PPAI Expo went virtual, and Bryan noticed that by January, most distributors were getting video call fatigue. So, to help Logomark stand out and to give distributors something unique, they launched the Virtual Design Center: a virtual showroom that lets you browse through products, click and get more information. Users can even create wish lists, save them, and email them to reference later.

Video Highlight: Virtual Design Center

Bryan had this advice for suppliers looking to make the switch. “It’s hard,” he said. “But you have to muscle through.” The promotional products industry moves slower than retail, but COVID-19 has shown us all how essential digital transformation is. We all need to keep our eyes on the future and chase after the next big steps in digital marketing. The ones who don’t won’t survive.

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