Case Study: Digital Distribution of a PPE Catalog

  • Featuring: High Caliber Line
  • Interview with: Dan Oas and Joseph Romero

High Caliber Line launched a new ZOOMcatalog, filled with PPE products. Upon launch, hundreds of distributors customized it as their own and distributed it to their own customers via website, email, social media, and other channels. Distributors gave wonderful feedback about the well-designed and creatively curated catalog.

An Interview With High Caliber Line:

What was your digital strategy for the catalog?

Our digital strategy was to distribute the ZOOMcatalog as if it was a new product. 

  1. We started with an early release from our account representatives to key clients.
  2. An email blast to all existing distributors.
  3. Featured banner placement on our website.
  4. Social media posts LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook.
  5. We also built banners with quick links into sales and customer service email signatures. 
  6. We have also made the ZOOMcatalog available on platforms like SAGE and ASI’s ESP.

Do you consider the catalog launch a success?

The PPE catalog launch was a great success, with ZOOMcatalog’s statistics tracking tools we could immediately see that many distributors were viewing the catalog and creating customized versions that they could send to customers. 

Tips and thoughts for distributors using the catalog in their marketing strategy?

One great advantage distributors have with this catalog is they can offer it all in one place. Many clients know how hard it has been to navigate the high demand and limited availability of PPE products. We have been early to adapt to this new market and have put in extensive time and effort sourcing the best selection of products for our clients.

What is next on the horizon for High Caliber when it comes to catalogs and flyers?

We plan to incorporate ZOOMcustom flyers into our new product launches to add to our marketing and sales tools. As our company has been able to grow in the past few months, we are planning to keep the momentum going with launching seasonal catalogs for distributors to introduce new lines to clients. 

In Summary:

Two key areas made the High Caliber Line catalog launch a success:

1. Great design planning and execution

High Caliber carefully curated a collection of products to feature in their PPE catalog while considering a distributor pain point – distributors needed a tool to browse and share PPE product options, all in one place. They considered what products they were selling the most of, products that are trending, and products that they knew complemented each other. The design included a number of our 2020 catalog design trends – ensuring the catalog provided an enjoyable and inspiring experience for the viewer. Ultimately, distributors were excited to share the catalog with their customers.

2. A multi-faceted launch strategy

High Caliber did not just link their catalog to their website and call it done. They carefully planned a launch strategy that ensured the catalog was seen by as many people as possible. By using the ZOOMcatalog tools, adding the catalog to their website and email signatures, educating their team, and posting to their social media pages, they maximized their online distribution. In the end, more distribution, meant more eyeballs, leading to more sales.

Customize High Caliber Line’s Catalogs:

Distributors, if you are interested in customizing and sharing the High Caliber Line PPE catalog as your own, click here.