Throughout HPG’s journey to digital transformation, the company maintains a keen eye and focus on creating high quality visual designs, often in the form of captivating and easily digestible lookbooks that highlight specific sets of products. For example, they recently created several impressive holiday catalogs across multiple companies delivering inspirational ideas for the season. HPG did a stellar job promoting this content across all marketing channels, including a hero position on the homepage of their website.

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Beyond catalogs, the company is on the cutting edge of video production. They create a range of different product demonstrations across their brands. Here’s a short snippet from our interview with Ben, where he illustrates the various types of product videos they produce.

Video Highlight: The Digital Trend is Inescapable

Recently, HPG has started telling impactful stories through video. Their latest company, Batch & Bodega, highlights the artisans who produce the extremely unique product offerings. In the interview snippet below, Ben describes how they use video to inspire distributors and end-users.

Video Highlight: Storytelling with Video

Of course, 2020 forced all companies to pivot and get more creative with the sales and marketing process. HPG went all-in on virtual product showcases and presentations. The company prefers a live, interactive format, so they “essentially became YouTubers overnight” (in Ben’s words) to engage with distributors and even present to end-users when requested.

Video Highlight: Livestreaming Sales Presentations

HPG is also a leader in providing distributors with customizable content, which is a key competitive advantage and growth strategy for the company. They analyze the usage of their catalogs and flyers to make better business decisions and provide unmatched service.

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Further, HPG employs other advanced catalog features such as external linking, which helps with a clean visual design, while still providing all of the product details customers need. This functionality also serves as a website traffic driver exposing their audience to additional products and promotional content. Here’s a short video snippet where Ben describes the advantages of designing with digital in mind and leveraging external links.

Video Highlight: The Advantages of Digital Catalogs

HPG continues to blaze new trails with their marketing materials from catalogs and flyers to a myriad of captivating videos. To dive deeper into the company’s current strategies, please watch the full interview below and view more of their materials.

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