Keeping Track of New Catalogs and Flyers

There are two simple ways to always know when new catalogs and flyers are available from suppliers:

  1. WEEKLY DIGEST: Sign up to get the ZOOMcatalog weekly digest. We will deliver all the latest catalogs and flyers right to your inbox once a week. Click here to sign up.
  2. BROWSER NOTIFICATIONS: You can turn on/allow browser notifications when you visit By doing so, every time a new catalog or flyer is added to ZOOMcatalog, you will get a small notification in your browser, which will take you directly to view or customize the new catalog or flyer as your own.

How to turn on ZOOMcatalog notifications.


  1. Visit
  2. This pop up will appear asking if you want to show notifications from ZOOMcatalog.
  3. Click “Allow”
  4. If the pop up does not appear, click to the right of the ZOOMcatalog URL. Click “Notifications” and select “Always allow on this site”

Firefox (Mac only – not available for Firefox on PC yet)

  • Visit
  • Popup will appear requesting permissions to allow ZOOMcatalog to send you notifications
  • Click “Allow Notifications”

Keeping up to date with new catalogs and flyers has never been easier! If you need help activating the notifications please contact us.