September and October 2022 Marketing Planner

The Events


  • Back to School
  • College & NFL Football
  • Tailgate Essentials
  • College Colors Day – 2nd
  • Labor Day – 5th
  • September 11th
  • National Coffee Day – 29th


  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Yom Kippur – 4-5th
  • Indigenous Peoples Day – 10th
  • Halloween – 31st

Days are becoming shorter, the weather is turning and a new season is coming. Fall brings more than just Pumpkin Spice Lattes (although, we stan). It is also a whole new season of activities, gatherings, and gifts.

The Strategies

Back to School: Many of our suppliers have been planning their Back to School campaigns since last year’s back-to-school season. This completely makes sense since, per ASI research, education makes up 34% of the promotional market. Even if education isn’t your jam, many corporations also have internship programs and support their employee’s education programs. This is a great time to ask your client’s HR department about what programs they have. 

What do we promote for back to school? It really depends on the program but there are so many options. Hot options include everything from bookmarks to journals to backpacks and, of course, apparel, but don’t forget wellness and stickers!

Tailgating/Cookouts: Nothing says fall quite like a tailgate. Bags, brats, brews, what’s not to love? While tailgating is usually associated high school and college markets, it is also a great way for corporate teams and organizations to bond. It’s the perfect excuse to play around with unconventional decoration or design and have some fun. Maybe pull in a henley or hoodie for a more traditional company or create a fun phrase for can holders. Don’t forget the big-ticket items too for program prizes and raffles – Those large coolers, bags games, and pop tents will get amazing life on a brand. 

Not just about the Brand: The age of the giant logo is far past us. Instead branding with purpose will get more use out of your products regardless of what the product actually is. When you are working with a client try to think outside the logo and into the goal of the product or the feeling the person should get from it. This trend is universal and ALWAYS something to keep in mind. We have seen some epic examples of this kind of branding being done as self-promos and are going to feature the amazing work they are doing! Check out our new series “Branding But Better” for more information on the great work we are seeing.