4 Flyers You Should Send This Fall

In the marketing game, you’re constantly battling for the top spot on your customer’s needs list, and the only way to cement yourself there is with great products that solve their problems. Whether it’s PPE, office supplies, or corporate gifts, your customers are looking for a solution—be the one who gives it to them with timely flyers that serve up inspiration and ideas.

Digital catalogs are great when you want to showcase your entire product collection, but sometimes you need something fast. Sometimes you need the right flyer. That’s right, one flyer can be the difference between a customer consideration and a customer transaction.

As we move forward into the fall months and holiday season, flyers are the perfect opportunity to put specific products in front of your customers and convert leads into cash. If you’re ready to start making that happen now, you should consider these 4 types of flyers to jumpstart your marketing efforts.

Let’s get right into it…

Seasonal Flyers

The seasonal flyer is an essential asset for businesses looking to sell promotional products this fall. With the holiday season quickly approaching and potential events starting back up, a seasonal flyer is a must to capitalize on holiday purchasing programs. 

What’s great about seasonal flyers is that they’re specific to a particular time of year or event and focus on products centered around that season. Instead of offering everything you have, they focus on the needs of your customers during that period of time. Most companies have budgets allocated for key seasonal events, this is your chance to win those dollars. 

For example, holiday flyers (Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) are high-performing flyer opportunities you should be prepping this month. With most employees at home for the foreseeable future, connection through holiday product programs will be more important than ever. You can use holiday-focused flyers to spark ideas and drive revenue. 

Check out how Bag Makers and Crystal D make great flyers on ZOOMcatalog for the upcoming seasons and holidays.

Solution Flyers

Solution flyers do exactly what they say—they provide a solution to the end-buyer. These flyers talk about more than just the products, they’re about the overall purchasing experience and how you make your customer look good (think comprehensive merch programs).

What’s unique about a solution flyer is that its entire purpose is to problem solve. Whether it be schooling from home kits, creative craft kits, or even a hair and nails kit, the solution flyer focuses on making the lives of your customers easier with the products you offer. 

Another angle for solution flyers is pushing drop shipping programs and turnkey solutions. Buyers want the glorious end result with the least amount of work possible. What can you do to make purchasing easier and solve their problems? 

If you’re wondering what a perfect Solution Flyer looks like, take a peek at the collection of flyers available from The Magnet Group, and these inspiring kit flyers from Midnite Snax.

Product Flyers

What’s that one product everyone on your contact list needs to know about? You know, that one thing all your customers will love, but they don’t even know it exists. That’s where a product flyer comes into play. 

Product flyers are great for highlighting new or improved items. They’re entirely focused on a particular product or collection of products that are overflowing with potential. By narrowing down to a specific product or category, you can go into much deeper detail and really showcase the benefits and fire up demand. 

The focus of these flyers should be on popular, new or improved products that you want potential buyers to see. Don’t just slap a photo and some pricing and call it a day. Take advantage of everything digital flyers can do and make it a full product experience for your potential customer. The goal is to generate excitement around a new and unique product, so keep that in mind as you customize flyers on ZOOMcatalog.

Just so you can get the feel for a product flyer, check out PCNA’s impressive collection.

Trending Flyers

These are the flyers that are the most popular at the moment. They’re full of the products everyone on your email list needs to know before they’re sold out. Buyers are most likely already searching for these items. Make their search simple by showing that you can fulfill their needs. 

Bear in mind that not only do trends come and go, but they are also different between industries. What’s trending in the medical industry won’t be the same as what’s trending in entertainment, so each flyer needs to be tailored accordingly. 

Allow us to put this into context for you. 

Right now, COVID-19 related flyers are trending with the recent resurgence of cases in the U.S. Masks, hand sanitizer, no-contact keychains, and more are all items that every person returning to work, school, or other obligations are hunting down. Why not serve up a flyer that makes browsing these items easy? 

Similarly, remote learning flyers are being used like crazy for the reopening of businesses and schools. Just think about how many people are trying to bring customers into their store or restaurant and need the right signage to attract and direct them. Similarly, schools need to get info out to their parents and students— a signage flyer is the perfect solution.

Browse a number of Trending flyer collections here

Start Today

Flyers are quick and efficient ways to serve up solutions, drive repeat purchases, and attract new buyers. Don’t get caught in paralysis by analysis and let everyone else pass you by. Jump in and get started with a flyer today. 

If you’re a distributor wondering where to find the best flyers for your marketing efforts, head over to ZOOMcatalog where you can browse and customize fresh and relevant flyers from promotional product suppliers. You can also sign up to get our weekly “New catalogs and flyers” email to see what is new and fresh from Promotional Product suppliers.