4 Ways To Increase Sales with Video

If content is king, then the prince is undoubtedly video. Just look at your social media feeds and you’ll be reminded of how powerful video content actually is. From tutorials to testimonials, reviews to unboxings, videos dominate online.

Think about this—when was the last time you saw a video in a printed promotional products catalog—the answer is never. With every customer on their phones, you need to start meeting them where they are. More and more suppliers are realizing this and are adding video to all of their digital catalogs. 

To put it in perspective, 87% of marketers using video see a significant increase in their website traffic. That’s right—customers want to see your products in action, hear others talk about it, and know more about you as a business, all in a video. 

If you’re serious about cranking up those sales numbers and getting more customers in the door, videos can make that happen. We’ve already seen a few in the industry, including SanMar, SnugZ, and PCNA start to pump out great content throughout their marketing efforts. 

However, the promotional products industry is lagging behind in video use. That means there is a wealth of opportunity for you to stand out. We’re here to help you do it with 4 types of video you can use in your next digital catalog that will fire up engagement and start making more sales. 

1. Product Action Videos

Photos alone aren’t going to cut it anymore, your customers are craving video content. They want to see your product in action, how it functions, and what it’s capable of. 

This means taking the time to shoot and edit short clips that showcase the purpose of a product and its quality. It allows your customer to see different aspects of the item that can’t be seen in photos, plus it can display the texture and scale of the product in more depth and detail. 

When done well, product action videos sell themselves because your customer sees exactly what they will get from the product. Though these clips are brief, they can prove to be the extra bit of reassurance needed to turn that lead into a sale—plus it makes your product detail pages more dynamic and engaging.
If you’re wondering how to make an amazing product action video, check out SnugZ and their Touch Free Sun Care video, or EMT, and their Safety Key Multi-Tool video.

2. Product Testimonials

Sure written reviews are great, but how many product reviews do you see on YouTube? If you look further you’d notice, these aren’t boring and basic reviews, but rather in-depth, evaluative reviews chock full of great information. 

Your end-buyers are always looking for a first-hand account of what it’s like to use a product, and a video can accomplish that in a much shorter, more engaging way. Next to a personal recommendation, testimonials are the most effective marketing tool in the game. 

These testimonials can come in all shapes and forms—from product testimonials, where people talk about how awesome your product is (you can even recruit your team members to help create these videos), to personal testimonials where one gives an account of their services provided by your business. The best part is, it’s authentic. You don’t have to add any extra sales tactics to a testimonial, it sells better than ice cream on a hot summer day. 

Gold Bond crushes this with their #TestimonialTuesday videos they share every week. You can also check out the “Delicious Experience gift” video from Maple Ridge Farms.

3. User-Generated Content

UGC (as it’s often called) is video content created by your customers and shared across social media or other platforms. You’ve probably seen a few of your friends on Instagram share a picture of their favorite tumbler or coffee mug—that’s UGC right there. 

What’s great about UGC is that it requires no work on your end and it helps build a loyal partnership between you and your customers. By encouraging them to share how they’re using your products and their honest opinions about them, you create the rapport that brings current customers back and new ones in the door. 

If that’s not enough, consider that end-buyers are 2 times more likely to view UGC as more authentic than content created by businesses. The proof is in the pudding—if you want to sell more, leverage those who are already talking about you. 

Checkout how QuickFlip Apparel takes advantage of UGC on their Instagram.  

4. About Us

This is where you get to have some fun and tell your own story. The About Us video gives your audience a look into who you are as a brand and what you bring to the table. It’s the place where you can use your unique value proposition to stand out and make it easier for users to understand exactly what you do—not just the products you provide.

What’s great is that this video can cover a variety of aspects in your business, from your day-to-day operations to how a product is imprinted. It’s an opportunity to give your potential customer a sneak peek into how you do business and why you’re different than everyone else. 

Be creative in this video, use it to your advantage and make it something all your own, just be sure to keep it simple and concise—we aren’t premiering a full-length documentary.

If you’re wondering what an awesome about us video looks like, check out this one from Sanmar and Allmade, or this sneak peek into operations video from Warwick.

Video Enabled ZOOMcatalogs

While we are on the topic of videos, check out some of these awesome video-enabled ZOOMcatalogs from Solé Bicycles, Peerless Umbrella, Pro Towels, and Vantage Apparel. Watch videos from the pages or by browsing them in the right-side panel.

Ready, Set, and Action. 

We don’t always recommend jumping on the bandwagon, but this one can’t be missed. Video content is only going to grow as more and more businesses fully transition to digital. From digital catalogs to social media and sales, video is the future. 

The combination of a strong digital catalog, combined with dynamic and engaging video content can prove to be a profitable one when you keep it simple and stick to the basics. You don’t need to gather a huge production team or buy fancy sets to put out quality videos. Let your product speak for itself and your customers speak even more and you’ll find the results. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how ZOOMcatalog can help you leverage video content, visit our website and schedule a consultation with a digital catalog expert.