5 Flyer Trends to Help Your Business Soar in 2021

Listen to this—82% of distributors said they use digital flyers to promote their business.

We’ve been collecting responses from our Industry Marketing Survey and have found out some pretty interesting insights.

We’re not going to drop all of them here today, (click here if you want to receive the full report and you’re not already a subscriber to our Trends newsletter) but we did want to talk about one particular stat that stood out to us. It’s the one we mentioned above.

82% of distributors are using digital flyers to share information with their customers. 

Quite a big number, wouldn’t you say?

The full report comes out in January, but since it’s the holidays and we’re feeling extra generous, we wanted to share 5 flyer trends that can help you thrive in 2021:

1. 75% of distributors customize their digital flyers before sharing with a customer.

What does that mean for you? First, it means you should design your flyers with customization in mind. Leave white space so distributors can add their own logo. Also, don’t forget to leave out industry specific terms and your own contact information.

Second, it means you need to get onto ZOOMcatalog, where thousands of distributors can find the perfect flyer to customize for their next sales pitch. By uploading your flyers to ZOOMcatalog, you reach thousands of distributors, exposing your products to even more end buyers.

2. Distributors are just as likely to use digital flyers as they are catalogs.

That’s right, digital flyers and catalogs both play an equally vital role in the promotion of your business (through your distributor partners).

Increase the availability of flyers to keep the sales, email marketing, and social media efforts of your distributor partners fresh. Pairing full line catalogs and breakout catalogs with a steady flow of flyers keeps a diverse mix of promotional materials available to your distributor partners. Your business, and the distributors that work with you, will benefit from the increased use of flyers.

3. 71% of distributors use email marketing to distribute their flyers.

We talk about it often because it is important – email marketing can change the game for any business, and the digital flyer is great marketing content for distributors to share in their emails.

The links generated from a digital flyer makes eblast creation a cinch. Simply grab the link to these engaging assets and add it to your email campaign. Then send it off to current and potential customers letting them know a new product has launched, a product is in season, or a collection is on sale.

Wondering what kinds of emails are the most effective? Check out these 6 ways to win the inbox of your next customer.

4. Distributors are using Facebook to drive business.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with flyers but let us tell you. A digital flyer is the perfect piece of content to use for a social media campaign.


Because it’s a short and concise piece of teaser content that gets a distributor’s foot in the door with a potential customer.

Facebook campaigns (both paid and organic) are meant to be quick and clear while also leading someone further down a marketing funnel—a digital flyer can do just that.

By giving distributors a strong digital flyer they can place at the other end of a Facebook ad or post, the customer is automatically given a taste of what they can get their hands on, pushing them closer toward a purchase.

To learn more about how distributors use paid ads, check out this article we wrote about creating a successful Facebook ad campaign.

5. ¾ of distributors look at supplier websites for product ideas they can share with customers.

If distributors are coming to your website for inspiration, make sure you’re ready to take advantage of the opportunity. 

How can you do that? Use digital flyers to kickstart their marketing creativity. 

Consider creating a resource page where a variety of your best flyers are located. From new products and best selling flyers, to seasonal and industry specific, make it easy for someone to jump in, find a great idea, and start sharing it with their customers. 

From pricing to product selection, ZOOMcatalog makes it easy to ensure all of your flyers, catalogs, and digital materials are always up to day.

Now is the perfect time to start making digital flyers!

Flyers are the perfect complement to a strong catalog and they can prove to be the extra bonus that gets customers in the door. Take one or all of these strategies, run with them, and start putting better flyers in front of your customers this year.

If you have questions about how ZOOMcatalog can make your flyers even better, schedule a consultation with our team and we can talk strategy.