5 Promotional Products Trends to Know in 2022

The last year has been a disruptor. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in a different way. We are more aware of what we are buying, how we are consuming, how things are made and what impact those items make on the community. What will continue into the next year? What are we not willing to go back to and what are we ready to change? 


This topic was huge last year but it is continuing to evolve in new and exciting ways.  We’re not just talking about replacing a disposable product with something reusable, although that helps. This is about products being made and used in sustainable ways. 

Companies like AllMade are creating products that are not only amazingly soft and comfortable but they’re doing it in a way that reduces plastic, reduces water use, and provides sustainable practices that build the communities around their factories. 

Other brands like Adidas are committing to removing virgin plastic from their products by 2024. Raining Rose – even though they already provide a sustainable product – went back to the drawing board and developed Sustainabalm, a product that is made using recycled post-consumer plastic and potato bio-resin. 

Giving Back

Especially in the Millennial and Gen Z consumer, there is a huge focus on giving back to our community in both an ecological and social way. According to a study by Clear Channel, 87% of Millennials were influenced to purchase something based on whether the company had made a social contribution. 

Gemline has really expanded their brands of giving back. They lead the way with the Miir Brand which not only provides amazing quality and on-trend products, but also gives the end user a code to choose where their give back money goes. They have added to this program with other brands with give-backs such as Corkcicle, Modern Sprout and others

Hirsch Gift’s Patriot brand and Sweda’s Basecamp both support veteran causes and Maple Ridge Farms provides money to Habitat for Humanity. There are so many brands doing amazing things. Offering these give-back programs and educating your client can make all the difference to your targeted end-user. 

Experience Gifting

We all experienced a sense of disconnect when we were suddenly not going into an office, visiting clients, or going to school. This disconnection caused a transformation in the way we show our appreciation. While experiential marketing had been building in popularity, our ability to create an experience in the home using kitted products made people feel loved and appreciated. 

Batch and Bodega has built a whole brand that ties into supporting artisans and experience gifting. The “Scoops and Sprinkles” taps into nostalgia, offering the recipient not only a buildable ice cream kit but also playing the traditional icecream truck music when opening the box. Their entire gifting set is based on providing your end-user something unique that they can unbox and enjoy. 

As we continue to explore experience, there has been a shift to when and where we want to interact. Meeting at parks, beaches, and backyards with a BYOB policy is on the rise. Offering items that can easily be taken off-site to enjoy an outdoor minute with friends or connecting with nature is sure to be something anyone will enjoy. 


Selfcare has become essential to our well-being and the well-being of our employees, business partners, and community members. When seeking calm in the turmoil of the unknown, consumers are looking for refuge in comfort. Hygge has taken a whole new level with a desire for soft comfort and relaxing environments. 

Numo has created some really fantastic products that tie into comfort. The Pamper Me Kit is perfect for any end user to be able to to create a mini spa experience. The Snugz ZEN line creates a sensorial comfort with essential oils and candles bringing warmth and comfort. And when all else fails, a fuzzy blanket is always on-trend. 

Organic design

Another trend that has blossomed out of spending so much time indoors is the desire to surround yourself with nature. Consumers are bringing in plants to brighten up spaces from kitchens to offices and everywhere in between. Gemline’s partnership with  Modern Sprout provides a selection of easy and decorative planters that can give a green thumb to even the most novice grower. The comprehensive kit includes everything you need to grow your own fresh basil, lavender, and more in the comfort of your favorite space. 

As we evolve trends will too. Follow ZOOMcatalog for more trending products and concepts. And if you want to talk about ways to market your business in 2022, set up a personal session with one of our team members