Simplify Your Social Strategy

“What should I post on Facebook…and Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn….” The question haunts every distributor trying to expand their reach on social media. It’s tough to come up with a consistent feed of content filled with inspiration that will appeal to your market. 

Pete Gleason, Vice President of Business Development for CPS Keystone, knows this struggle well. He saw distributors’ need for engaging social content and saw a way CPS Keystone could help them by providing material specifically designed for social media.

CPS/Keystone is not new to the digital landscape. Funded in 1992, they’re known for a wide selection of affordable products from water bottles to totes, first aid resources, household goods, and more. They have also been a long-time partner of ZOOMcatalog, and have been bringing digital materials to their customers for years. 

So when it came to expanding a digital presence, Gleason said he could see the value of bringing not only flyers but also social media content. 

“We saw that the distributor was looking for a way to create post-friendly materials but make it about their brand, not ours,” Gleason said. 

So his team put together a selection of Instagram-sized posts that are unbranded and ready to add the distributor’s logo. 

“This was a simple thing we can do to support our customers” 

Check out their selection here. Take the guesswork out of your social strategy. Grab this ready-to-go content and add it to your social media plan today. 

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