A Growing Market: Cannabis Promo

With more states in the U.S. legalizing recreational cannabis use, it’s fair to say marijuana is going mainstream. Suppliers and distributors in this (forgive us the pun) growing industry, are just now figuring out how to promote their products and services to a wider audience. This is the perfect opportunity to make connections and cultivate a new line of business. 

For April 20th (4/20 if you’re one of the cool kids) we showed off some great promotional opportunities for distributors looking to capture this growing market, but these products trend all year long. Prepare for April 2022 or just your next sales meeting by exploring these cannabis-based promotional products.

Approach the cannabis market the same way you would go after breweries or bars and consider the three Ps: product, packaging, and peripherals. Rolling papers, resealable bags, storage canisters, lighters, and more – these products are all begging to be branded. 

Lincoln Line’s latest catalog is full of ideas for the cannabis market, from branded rolling papers to a variety of storage containers and even smell-proof barrier bags. Explore the full line below or visit the catalog in a new tab.

Tekweld has a new customizable niche catalog full of products specifically for the cannabis industry. 

High Caliber offers classy storage jars that are waterproof, smell-proof, airtight, and come in clear glass and UV-coated varieties. 

Expanding your search beyond the “cannabis” keyword opens up a number of opportunities for cannabis-adjacent products such as matchbooks and lighters. Proinnovative has plenty of these tried-and-true promo products to choose from as well as shred grinders that can be imprinted with your client’s logo.

Don’t forget apparel when creating promotional campaigns for dispensaries. Customers love to rep their favorite spots, whether it’s a bar or a smoke shop, and a good hoodie branded with the store’s logo or a quality t-shirt can be a great source of supplemental income. 

Blue Generation has a line of sublimated hoodies that are pretty on-the-nose but remember that the branding can be more subtle when it comes to classy apparel offerings. 

There are also a variety of hemp promo products that are both comfortable and eco-conscious. Check out ecounscious apparel line, hats made with more than 50% hemp from Otto Cap, and new unisex organic pullovers from US Blanks.

For a deeper look into the cannabis market, check out this educational podcast from PromoKitchen.