The Top Three Ways Distributors Share ZOOMcatalogs

ZOOMcatalogs offer a unique way for distributors to share new products, flyers or entire catalogs to their customers. If you’ve just started using ZOOMcatalogs, we recommend that you share them with your customers to get more traction for your sales team.

There are three ways we recommend you share your ZOOMcatalogs, as they’ve worked well for other distributors: social media, email and websites.

Social Media

One of the the most common ways distributors share ZOOMcatalogs is via social media. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the most popular social media platforms for distributors to share supplier catalogs. Other sites include CommonSku, Instagram, Pinterest andGoogle +.

ZOOMcatalog is a great resource for finding current, new and engaging content to share on social media. Generating content to share on a regular basis can be challenging and time consuming, but with ZOOMcatalog, distributors can find the latest catalogs and flyers that have been professionally designed by suppliers.

Additionally, more and more suppliers are creating smaller seasonal, categorical, price point and vertical market catalogs and flyers, which make for great posts that can emphasize a specific topic. Having these available to customize on ZOOMcatalog can instantly improve any distributors ability to engage customers via social media.

Did we mention ZOOMcatalog also has a Facebook app that distributors can add to their company page? The ZOOMcatalog Facebook app features the ZOOMcatalog search engine and has been installed on over three thousand pages. The app allows people visiting a Facebook page to browse, search and share supplier ZOOMcatalogs. Click here to see a sample of the app.


Email is also another channel that distributors use to share ZOOMcatalogs with customers and prospects. This includes personal, one-on-one emails and email marketing campaigns.

Many distributors like to share a link to a specific page in a ZOOMcatalog when suggesting a product to a customer. By doing so, they are able to direct their customer to a specific item while still sharing an entire catalog for them to browse. This helps distributors put more product in front of their customers, while still doing their job and suggesting specific items.

Another popular way distributors share ZOOMcatalogs through email is by snipping product images from the pages. The ZOOMcatalog snipping tool, found in every catalog, can be used to cut out large, creative images, from the pages of any supplier catalog. Click here to watch a video on how this works.

Many distributors send email campaigns that revolve around specific ZOOMcatalogs. For example, many chose to send an email blast out to their customers featuring a customized holiday ZOOMcatalog they’ve customized.

Other ways distributors share ZOOMcatalogs via email include:

  • Adding the catalog search engine or a customized ZOOMcatalog to their email signature
  • Linking product images back to a catalog where the item could be found
  • Adding the catalog search to their email campaign templates


Another common way to use ZOOMcatalogs is to link them to a website or blog. There are two different ways distributors add ZOOMcatalogs to their websites: 1. They directly add links to a number of catalogs they chose 2. They embed the entire ZOOMcatalog search on their website.

Adding individual links: Many distributors have ZOOMcatalogs linked to their website. Whether it is one catalog they use the most, or a collection of their top favorite, it is a great way to give your customers access to browse through a selection of products.

Adding the catalog search engine: Thousands of distributors have also chosen to build a catalog search engine and link or embed it on their website. This gives customers the ability to search for products by keyword and browse through catalogs of interest. Click here to see how Rain City Promotions has added the search to their website.

Sharing ZOOMcatalogs

Sharing ZOOMcatalogs is a powerful way to increase your online presence while showing the world what kinds of products you offer. It is also a great sales tool that can help you increase orders by putting more product in front of your clients. Visit to find new catalogs and flyers from suppliers in the Promotional Product industry.