April Marketing Planner 2020

With one-quarter of 2020 already past, most of us would admit it’s been a bumpy start. In just a few months, we’ve hit several big challenges and changes, some anticipated and some unexpected. As shocking as Mr. Peanut’s death and rebirth were, bigger turbulence hit businesses with events like Brexit, the Trump impeachment, and obviously, COVID-19. 

Even in the midst of the mayhem, marketing must go on. While under quarantine, we can keep our businesses running and prepare for when the lock-downs will be lifted. Huge upcoming sales opportunities like Pride, safety awareness, and Father’s Day can still be leveraged to increase profit for promotional product companies. You’ll just have to think differently about what you’re selling. 

Pull in Sales During Pride Month

On Friday, March 13, the organizers of New York City’s Heritage of Pride made an announcement that would have shocked us at the beginning of the year. In response to COVID-19, all gatherings and meetings regarding the pride parade will be held remotely for the foreseeable future.

If New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has put an indefinite cap on gatherings at 500 people, it’s hard to imagine that over 2 million people will be able to proudly celebrate as planned. New York is not alone in its stay at home orders. Los Angeles Pride, and Pride parades around the country, have announced that planned celebrations are postponed.

People are still proud, though, even if they’re quarantined. Pride won’t be disappearing, they’ll just be going digital, like everything else. You can bet there will be social media meetups, digital parties, and plenty of virtual events. You know what everyone needs for those virtual events, Pride merchandise. 

This is where you step in. Promotional products can be used to show Pride, even if the coronavirus prevents us from gathering in person. If anything, promotional product companies have a greater opportunity right now because merchandise is one of the only ways people have to connect with important causes (and each other). 

If group gatherings are still kept at a minimum come June, social media will be one of the main avenues for social support. Wearable pride products like photo booth props, clothing, and accessories, as well as home decor like balloons, pompoms, stickers, and signs will allow people to publicly celebrate even from afar. 

Safety Awareness Month is Finally Getting Some Attention

If there’s ever been a time to promote safety, it’s now. Hygiene and health are on everyone’s minds, but all types of safety are crucial right now (avoiding ER trips during a global pandemic is just smart). 

The National Safety Council, the nation’s leading nonprofit safety advocate, has developed educational tools and products to create awareness about common workplace hazards. Now, the council is turning their attention to COVID-19, committing itself to sharing relevant resources to help its thousands of members and the public stay informed.

Because health is today’s biggest topic and safety awareness month is approaching, you too can leverage your promotional products to cater to this prevalent theme without being perceived as insensitive. Get creative with merchandise to help spread safety messages. With the apocalyptic run on items like paper towels, now is a better time than ever to produce customized hand towels or branded first aid kits (check out the Redi-Medic catalog). Focus on functional items that position your clients as heroes to their customers and employees. Health, wellness, sleep, and self-care products are all perfect to promote during safety awareness month.

Dads Need Some Extra Appreciation This Year

Americans have a soft spot for dads. The amount of money we’ve spent on Father’s Day has grown 70% or $6.6 billion over the last decade. According to the National Retail Federation, last year, Americans spent an astounding $16 billion on Father’s Day gifts. This is one event that the coronavirus can’t cancel. Families will still gather together in some form or fashion to offer their dads some well-needed attention and appreciation this year.

Expect this popular shopping day to still hit big in June. While in previous years, department stores reaped the highest benefit from Father’s Day purchases, today’s current health climate may shift these numbers. More gifts will be bought online, so make sure your clients are ramped and ready for this promising sales opportunity. 

What are the popular spending trends we’re most likely to see this Father’s Day? It’s pretty simple. Stick to the things dads love… electronics, personal care items, home improvement products, tools, appliances, sporting goods, automotive accessories, and books. Food, drink, gift cards, and clothing also make up a good chunk of Father’s Day spending.

You can’t go wrong with beer accessories or old fashioned glasses, all-purpose tool kits, baseball hats, can coolers, personal bags, backyard games and accessories (like these from Peerless), grills, or coolers. Within the general Father’s Day market, there are many niche markets that you can use to appeal to dads who like certain sports, have particular hobbies, or specific interests.

The Class of 2020 Will Still Graduate

About 3.7 million students are expected to graduate from high school during the 2019–20 school year. Unfortunately for many of these students, the age old tradition of walking across a stage and being handed a diploma is not possible this year due to the Coronavirus. However, this does not mean their achievements cannot be celebrated. 

Students will still graduate, they will still get their diploma, and this is where promotional products come in. Consider putting together graduation kits that can be drop shipped to students to help them celebrate their accomplishment and remember their class. Some ideas include a “signature printed” blanket or towel from ProTowels printed with student signatures, “Class of 2020” apparel and headwear, or imprinted frames for class photos or a diploma from Warwick

When Feeling Under Pressure, Remember Henry Kissinger

While he served under President Nixon during the Vietnam war, our former U.S. Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, penned, “A diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure.” Looking to the persistence of leaders and laymen during harder times than these can provide the inspiration and energy to keep working hard today. These June 2020 events and happenings present a great opportunity to drive revenue and increase sales, even in the midst of today’s upheaval. If you’re having trouble keeping track of all these dates and details, sign up for Trends by ZOOMcatalog. We’ll remind you of exactly what to promote and when each month so you won’t miss any opportunities to sell more of your promotional products.