April Promo Marketing Planner


  • Spring Essentials
  • The Masters – 7th
  • Tax Day – 15th
  • Easter – 17th
  • Patriots’ Day – 18th
  • Earth Day – 22nd
  • Take Your Child to Work Day – 28th


Sustainability: Sustainability is one of the overarching trends of 2022. April is the perfect time to hit this trend hard with give-back options and products made in sustainable ways. Don’t forget to make sure your customer knows why something is considered sustainable, and give them those options even if they aren’t asking about them. From Allmade shirts to Adidas recycled plastic initiative, there are plenty of options to choose from.  

B-Corporations: It takes enormous amounts of effort to become a b-corporation, and we have some excellent ones in the promotional products industry. Featuring B-Corporations in your campaigns can take your efforts to the next level. Raining Rose, Xactly, and several lines from Gemline are full of products that can take your sustainability efforts beyond a simple buzzword.

Community Clean-Up: Much of the country is transitioning from winter to spring, and you know what that means: the beginning of outdoor fun! Many parks, forest nature preserves, and rivers will need some spring cleaning, so ask clients if their teams participate in community clean-up projects. See if you can help support them with matching shirts, safety vests, or gloves. And it never hurts to pick up a shovel and lend a hand yourself!

Let’s go to the Festival: Live music and outdoor events are a thing again! Music fests, art festivals, wine tastings, food tastings, charity walks, etc. Be ready with go-to options for all of these events through Hit and Sweda’s kits.

Prospecting Tip: Are you talking to your client’s corporate social responsibility officer? Companies nationwide are putting people in this role, and their department is responsible for sustainable and socially responsible spending. Talk to this person about those sustainable and b-corporation options. Help them use their funds for good!


April showers bring May flowers, as the old saying goes. Flowers are a growing trend for 2022. Consumers are trying to liven up their homes by bringing in more plants. Good for the environment and air purification, this trend is also a lot of fun! Gemline makes access to these options even easier wth the Modern Sprout Line. So the next time your client asks what’s new and trending, try a hydroponic gift!


Balancing your featured products with non-product-related posts is crucial when expanding your social marketing plan. Try out these themes this month to enhance your brand. These ideas work particularly great in newsletters, on your blog, or in social media posts. Where else could you work them into your marketing plan?

What do you stand for: Do you have a charitable organization you are a part of? Is there someplace you like to volunteer? Shine the spotlight on those organizations. Not only does it elevate their story, but it also shows your customers what is important to you. If you don’t have a program yet, now is a great time to start one. Talk to your employees about what organizations they support and figure out how you can help!

Client Testimonials: It seems essential, but customer testimonials can make a difference. If you have a regular client you work with often, ask if they would write a little testimonial for you. Tag them on social to help boost your reach. Whether they say yes or no, be sure to thank them with a token of appreciation, like a nice piece of self-promo. We’re pretty sure you know where you can find something trending.