Untangle Your Multiline Communications

Multi-Line Service reps are a key part of the sales process in the promotional products industry. They give representation to smaller niche lines, companies just starting in promo, and hyper-localized options. Many MLRs are considered experts in the field of knowing what’s out there, who has it, and how to make a variety of things happen. 

These reps are traditionally commission based and can cover two or more lines. They can be seen at multiple tables or jumping from booth to booth to cover all of their companies. They are entrepreneurs who own their own businesses. They must develop their branding and messaging while juggling lines. It requires a balance of branding, especially when MLRs change lines. A distributor remembers the rep, but sometimes it can be hard to remember who has that company. 

I remember many times an MLR would walk out of a meeting, leaving me with a stack of catalogs from different companies, but later, I couldn’t remember which person had been with which company. 

“Was it Lisa or Val with that cool new product?” 

“Chris repped that last year, but now I think it is Sandy.” 

How can you keep them straight? Even if a rep leaves you with a list, you still have to keep track of the list, and even then, you have to wonder if it’s up-to-date! What if there was an easier way?

A few months ago, while setting up at a local show, I had some great conversations with Chicago area MLRs while helping add QR code signs to their booths. Many received a stack of signs rather than just one, which allowed the attendees to point directly to each company’s collateral. But, this lost their personal branding, so I asked my friends how we could help them better and found a few commonalities.

What follows are the top four questions I received, along with the answers to their problems.

“Can I have a list of my catalogs?”

Absolutely! You can set up all of your catalog searches on a QR code or link. Whenever new content is loaded, the list will update. Add this to your social media, business cards, and self-promos. Or, embed the searches on your website for easy access. 

“How do I use my catalogs on social media? “

There are tons of possibilities when it comes to social posting. Pull a specific catalog to feature using the link, clip images to create unique posts with design software, or even post directly from the catalogs. Since an MLR is a front-facing contact for many different brands, the possibilities are amazing. 

“What are best practices for using ZOOMcustom as an MLR?”

This depends on your approach to communicating the brand line. I recommend adding your distributor client’s logo on the catalogs with their information so they can easily flip and send the catalog to their end-users, giving you more visibility. The distributor will know who to call with questions. If you prefer to own the line of communication from soup to nuts, put your contact information on the collateral and let the distributor know they can also brand if they choose.  

“What if one of my lines isn’t on ZOOMcatalog?”

Well, then give them our number! We are happy to talk about the available options. 

ZOOMcatalog is a big fan of Multi-line reps and is glad to be able to help them. To learn more about the different options for ZOOMcatalog and how we can work together, please register for our upcoming webinar!