Breakout Spotlight: ADG Promo 2022

ADG is known for having a wide variety of products and interesting decoration techniques. This year is no exception. With their new catalog, they feature the traditional pens, drinkware, and bags, but the presentation provides a really fresh take on the products. 

Title: ADG Promo 2022
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Regions: USA

The first few pages are beautiful, and the oversized lifestyle shot gives the page inspiring energy. The image showing the coordinated blue and grey tote, bottle, and mug automatically feel like the right fit for a program or kit, and the corresponding concepts can easily stand on their own or be used as a kit. Clip the whole page to use on social media as a post providing the graphic element, products, and copy all in one convenient place.  

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Going through the rest of the catalog, you’ll find the outline is clean and easy to follow, and pages include lifestyle images again to spark inspiration. 

Check back soon for more updates from ADG who have several mini break out catalogs on deck!

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