Breakout Spotlight: The New Catalogs for 2022

Each week, the breakout spotlight features a seasonal, breakout, or niche catalog on ZOOMcatalog. We’ll tell you why we love it, give you powerful insights, and offer a “grab and go” image and copy you can use on your own social media at the end.

This week is all about what is new and cool with the new catalogs for 2022

Title: New Catalogs of 2022
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Attending trade shows to see new products has become a more complex process. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from seeing the newest and hottest options available. Sometimes flipping through a catalog can provide all the inspiration needed for new programs or projects. Many suppliers have also upped their game to provide the retail look and enhanced shopping experience that end-users are looking for. 

Physical space, shipping costs, paper shortages, and more can make it harder to get the new catalogs into your client’s hands. Thanks to digital options, you can easily mark and share pages, create branded catalogs, and more. Keep following ZOOMcatalog for more catalog features and updates.  

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“What is new in 2022? What are the coolest colors or designs? Check out these amazing catalog options to find your next inspiration!”

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