Breakout Spotlight: TSF Sportswear Summer Palette 2021

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This week we look at TSF Sportswear’s summer catalog.

Title: TSF Sportswear Summer Palette 2021
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Regions: USA

If you’re looking for the brightest colors and the hottest summer styles, look no further than TSF Sportswear’s Summer Palette 2021. These shirts are the perfect canvas for your creative expression. Explore the seasonal collection and get inspired!


“We wanted to create an uplifting piece for summer and decided to focus on a color story that would evoke cheer,” says Melissa Commanday, Director of Marketing and Inside Sales at TSF Sportswear. “We came across the paint cans and thought they were the perfect complement to our summer concept.”

Melissa wants TSF’s customers to be inspired to use color in their projects. “The shirts are the blank canvas,” she says. “And our customers are the artists.”

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“Get inspired by the colors of summer. These shirts are the perfect canvas for your next project. Explore the collection:”

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