Customize Promotional Product Flyers in Seconds

We see a lot of posts on social media where distributors are asking how they can get supplier flyers, branded as their own. For those of you looking for a similar solution, ZOOMcustom (a ZOOMcatalog solution) is the perfect tool! You can find hundreds of supplier flyers (and catalogs) for free, on – which you can add your logo and information to in just a few clicks.

Any distributor that wants to share branded marketing materials with their customers – whether it is on social media, in email campaigns, on their website, and so on – should read on, and watch the short video below.

See our co-founder, Bryony Zasman, find and customize a supplier flyer in minutes. This is a free tool for ALL distributors.

With ZOOMcustom, you can:

  • Browse hundreds of supplier flyers
  • Download flyers
  • Customize them with your logo and information
  • Get any format you need to share the flyer
  • Come back and edit at any time

Simply follow these steps:

  • Find the flyer you want to customize on
  • Click “customize” to launch the ZOOMcustom editing studio
  • Add your logo and text (such as your website, or phone number)
  • Save and share!
  • Get the flyer in any format you need: share as a link, download as a PDF, share on social media, and more

Watch Bryony in action to see how simple it is:

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