Design tip #1: Brand your content

Whether it be Flyers, Catalogs, or Social Media posts – adding your mark and personality to the content you share can help leave an impression and make you stand out amongst your competition.

Think about your customers receiving the four flyers below from you and your competition. All with the same content – but which one draws your attention?

4 flyers with the same content, but which one stands out?

The value of branding your marketing materials does more than help you stand out, through consistency and repetition, your brand will become easily recognizable to your customers and prospects.

Branding is important to any business and takes effort. ZOOMcustom was built to make things easier for you. Using supplier’s content and customizing for yourself by adding your logo,, shapes, colors, images (or even your own covers)  is a great way to reach your customers with your personality front and center.