Design tip #2: How to leverage catalogs for social media?

One of the keys to success on social (as you can read right here) is the quality of your content, and catalogs can be easily leveraged to create some fantastic content for your followers.

Share full catalogs and help your customers discover new products 

Catalogs are incredibly engaging, and arguably the best way to browse and discover products. Sharing full catalogs to social media, whether it be a supplier’s branded content or content you have customized yourself – it’s sure to engage your customers.

An example of a Facebook post showing a full catalog being shared

Share catalog pages

Beautifully designed catalogs show products in all their glory. These great looking pages make great images to share on social media to promote different products.

Example of how Catalog pages make create images to share on Social Media

These are two quick tips to get you started leveraging catalogs for social media right away. If you’d like to learn about more ways, check out an article we published that covers Catalogs and Social media in more depth.