Design Tip #5 – Catalog Design Trends

There is no denying that COVID-19 has propelled the entire Promotional Products industry into the digital world faster than we all could have anticipated. Suppliers, distributors, and end-buyers are working remotely and the usage of supplier ZOOMcatalogs is on the rise. So what does this mean for you? It means that now, more than ever, you have an opportunity to utilize digital catalogs and flyers to effectively reach customers where they are spending their time – online.

For this month’s design tip, we have put together a recap of the 2020 catalog design trends – all of which are important to keep in mind as we head towards 2021. Whether you are a supplier or distributor, you should consider these trends when creating marketing materials to reach customers.

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  1. Retail feel look books. When thinking about design, suppliers are looking for ways to elevate their brand by moving away from basic, cluttered layouts that only show a small product image and a list of details. 
  1. Lifestyle images. Lifestyle images are large, personal, engaging, and powerful visuals for the reader to not only see the product but get a sense for who uses the product and how.
  1. Breakout Catalogs. Breakout catalogs highlight a collection of specific products that one of your target audiences might find valuable. Segment your products before you start designing.
  1. Pricing. Perhaps the most controversial topic when it comes to what distributors want to see in catalogs. We are seeing a shift in how pricing is displayed in both catalogs and flyers. Carefully plan how you will communicate pricing or price points in your future designs
  1. Videos. Videos are a powerful tool, videos in catalogs are even more powerful. Consider how you can enhance your designs with video.
  1. Optimized for mobile. What will your catalog page look like on a small phone screen? An important question to ask when planning and designing. Size 10 font may work on a printed page but will be hard to view on a mobile device.

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