Design Tip #6 – Design A Winning Catalog Cover

A well-planned catalog cover is often underestimated. Being the first impression, a catalog cover holds a lot of power – it can drive a visitor to turn the page with excitement or close the browser tab and move on. What action does your catalog cover illicit? Make 2021 the year that you put out the best catalog covers to date, and measure the impact it has on your visitors.


As you know, you can customize supplier catalogs as your own. In this case, you are adding your logo to the cover the supplier designed.

But what if the supplier’s design does not communicate what you want it to? What if it does not match your brand? What if you think it can be more powerful? Design your own! Did you know that when customizing supplier catalogs on ZOOMcatlaog, you can choose to either place your logo on the existing cover or upload an entirely new one? Get creative and transform supplier catalogs into a unique marketing piece that stands out from everyone else.


How do you get someone to open your catalog? We encourage you to spend some time thinking about how your catalog cover makes people feel. Does it resonate with them? Does it tell the visitor what to expect inside? Think of your catalog cover like your storefront. Will people just walk on by, or instantly stop in awe and excitement to see what is inside?

You want to design a cover that distributors are proud to customize and share. Thoughtful covers can increase the usage of your catalogs. More distributors will want to feature them on their website, send them as part of their email campaigns, and post them to their social networks.

What’s next:

Start putting some more thought and consideration into the impact your catalog cover has on a visitor – perhaps setting up a time to brainstorm your cover with your team. If you want some feedback or help, we would love to chat! Contact us. We have seen our share of good covers, and bad.