The Show’s Over…Now What?

You staffed your booth, battled some technical difficulties, followed hashtags, and chatted with prospects for days. Have you finalized your post-show plan? 

Let us help with some pro-tips and handy resource links.


Days filled with meetings, products, and oh so many notes. It can be easy to lose track of all those contacts you just made. That’s why a post-show follow-up is a vital tool in your tradeshow toolbox. 

Unfortunately, everyone will be doing it in the next few days. So, to make sure you stand out from the crowd, ask yourself these four questions before hitting send:

  • Does your follow-up have a personal touch?
    Sending out a generic “it was great to see you” eblast is a great way to make people think you don’t remember their names. It takes extra time, but give your post-show communications the personal touch that will show you were paying attention.
  • Does the follow-up offer something useful? 
    If you want your contacts to value your communications, give them actionable advice in your follow-ups, like an idea for a campaign they’re currently working on or a helpful checklist of to-do items. 
  • Are your product recommendations on point?
    Make sure your recommendations are based on the specific projects your visitors mentioned while chatting with them. For bonus points, create flyers with the best products to meet the needs of their clients.
  • Have you customized your marketing materials to fit their needs?
    Can your customers add their own logos to catalogs and flyers? The majority of distributors want to send personalized materials to end-users, so we suggest doing the work for your contacts. They’re more likely to present your products if the content is branded and ready to share. This is the clincher. The final detail that will seal the deal.


We know, there was a lot to do at Expo this year. That’s why we’ve assembled all of our booth resources here for easy reference.

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