February & March Promo Marketing Planner

February and March always end up being a little weird in the promotional market, especially when you’re planning your marketing calendar. There’s a lull in the months between January’s “new and hot” products and the spring event season. But, these months shouldn’t be overlooked! There are still so many great things to promote!


Black History Month
Lunar New Year
Superbowl – 13th
Valentines Day – 14th
President’s Day – 21st

March Madness
Mardi Gras – 1st
Employee Appreciation Day – 4th
St. Patrick’s Day – 17th
MLB Opening Day – 31st


  • Highly Custom Products: Time and money, you can make anything you can imagine with enough of both! But the key is time. The Lunar New Year in February is the perfect time to talk to your clients about custom projects because you have time to go in-depth while factories are shut down. Take the time to explain the hows behind those products and the decoration techniques. Then show them the possibilities available to them and take advantage of slower times in the late spring.

    Consider one of the many options in the Hirsch Spring gift catalog:
  • Recruiting: Spring semester career fairs will be popping up at your local universities, colleges, and high schools. Not only does this give you an excellent opportunity to support these organizations, but you and your client could find their next great talent there. Make sure you have something unique enough to inspire those next-generation minds to consider a career with your client (or with you). 
  • Corporate Giving: Many organizations have adopted community give-back programs to support their local and national communities. Supporting these efforts with branded merch can help encourage support from employees. 


Consumer trends are pulling towards home and home comfort. It makes sense because we are spending more and more time at home. Check out ideas for home comforts or add ons like planters, blankets, and cutting boards. 

Check out this wool blanket collection from Terry Town.


When creating your marketing plan, balancing your product features with non-product-related products is crucial. Try out some of these themes this month and see what fits your brand. These ideas work particularly great in newsletters, on your blog, or social media, but where else could you work them into your marketing plan?

  • Feature your team! Whether you focus on new employees or veterans, this is a great way to show your company culture and reward your hardworking teammates. 
  • Ask a question! Does your audience prefer tumblers or mugs? Do they love PSL, or are they more team Peppermint? Ask something that will spark a conversation and interaction.