Here’s What’s New: Asset Library and Sign In Updates

Hello ZOOMcatalog users, friends, and fans. Welcome to our monthly changelog feature post! As we head confidently into 2023, let’s look at two new features for the new year.

The ZOOMstudio Asset Library for Smart Layouts

Find all of your lifestyle shots, photography, and brand logos in one place and easily share them with your marketing teams, sales teams, and even your distributors. 

  • Create a “Shared Library” full of your best graphic assets
  • Manage your graphic assets through your supplier dashboard
  • Share assets with your teams
  • Make assets available to distributors

This is a big one. Being able to easily share your visual assets lets your teams and your distributors enhance their presentations and lookbooks with your brand assets.

While the asset library is currently only available in Smart Layouts, we have plans to expand it to all of our other products. Check out a quick walkthrough here.

Improved Sign In and Sign Up Screens

You’re probably not going to notice the improvements we made to the sign-up screen since we’d bet dollars to donuts you already have a ZOOMcatalog account. So you won’t realize how much easier it is to sign up for both our weekly new catalog email and our monthly newsletter when you create a ZOOMcatalog account.

However, the next time you log in, please take a moment and enjoy the refreshed brand aesthetic. Gotta love those new ZOOMcatalog colors.

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