How Suppliers Can Dominate Black Friday & Cyber Monday This Year

If you haven’t seen videos of people waiting to go inside a Black Friday sale, let us describe one to you. Imagine a WWE wrestling event where every man, woman, and child is clamoring to get their hands on a flatscreen TV or new Xbox. Just watch this trove of people flood the doors of this department store:

Fortunately, we’ll be seeing a lot less of these videos this year. The deals aren’t going away, they’re just moving. Retailers are shutting their doors and businesses will be facing off online this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Customers will be anxiously awaiting the best deals of the year behind their screens instead of standing in line.

What BCFM will look like in 2020.

Before we can tell you how to crush BCFM this year, let’s first understand what you’re up against. Brick and mortars have always been the pinnacle of Black Friday shopping but with social distancing orders and the potential for overcrowding, chances are most stores will limit their capacity.

This leads to a massive increase in online shopping. To put it into perspective, last year sales on Black Friday were up 18% from the previous year (2018)—that’s roughly $7.4 billion done online.

That number is going to be blown out of the water this year. And it’s not only people shopping for the perfect Christmas present. Business owners, marketing folks, and buying teams will be in front of their computers looking for deals.

That’s why you should care!

Every supplier has an opportunity to capitalize on this tradition of buying on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The key is preparation. Yes, these are traditionally consumer buying occasions, but the savvy supplier can use these two days when people are in buying mode to set their business up for success to end the year and start a new one. Here’s how suppliers can dominate the weekend.

Set your distributor partners up for success in 2021.

November is too late for holiday orders. That ship has sailed by BFCM. Instead of pushing holiday items, use this buying frenzy to set your distributor partners up for success in the new year.

End-buyers are trigger-happy this time of year. Many corporate buyers run on the calendar year and have budgets to spend (or they lose it for 2021). Plan a promotion now that allows your distributor partners to take time-bound offers to their customers. Create a sense of urgency with a discount that’s only available for a limited window and help those corporate buyers unload that budget.

The best part about this is that you don’t have to stray from traditional marketing tactics. Like every BFCM deal, the bigger the better. Arm your distributors with irresistible offers that incentivize their customers to take action and buy.

But how do I attract eager distributors?

You help them save money and make money. You can do this with volume discounts, Buy One Get One (BOGO), tiered percentages, it doesn’t matter. This offer is entirely up to you, but remember that the goal should be volume, not just discounts. The sweeter you make it for a distributor, the harder they’ll push your product to the end buyer.

What you’re offering is more than a deal, it’s a chance for you and your distributors to set the foundations for a profitable 2021. Imagine walking into 2021 with a monstrous stack of orders to fulfill? Not a bad problem to have.

Now that your offer is established, it’s time to start crafting a BCFM campaign that will have distributors clamoring over those juicy deals.

Build a digital catalog or flyer that moves the needle. 

The last and most important component to dominating Black Friday and Cyber Monday is making people aware of what you’re offering. As more and more customers move online, distributors will be in a prime position to present offers, attract new customers, and incentivize early purchases for 2021.

Create a separate breakout catalog that can be focused on your BFCM deals. Put it together now and get it in the hands of distributors. If you’re short on time the same can be done with a digital flyer. It’s simpler than a catalog and easy to create, plus, you can focus it entirely on the BFCM deals you are offering. 

Give distributors time to get their marketing together, plan their campaigns, and get their customers prepping checks and warming up credit cards.

Share your gift with the world. 

With a new BFCM breakout catalog or flyer in hand, it’s time you shared it—and there’s no better way than with ZOOMcatalog. 

All you need to do is upload your digital catalog to our ZOOM searchable library, copy the URL link to your catalog, and start distributing it everywhere—we mean everywhere.

Drop it in your next newsletter when you announce your Black Friday and Cyber Monday celebrations. Share it in a Facebook ad campaign that targets your ideal customers. Bless your LinkedIn connections by dropping it in their feed every week. Whatever it is that you do to get your marketing message out there, make sure this link is going with it.

Fill your digital aisles long before Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

There you have it, a clear cut path to holiday selling dominance. It’s not complicated, it’s not expensive, it’s simple—set your distributors up for success in 2021. If you can do this in the coming months, you’ll be ready to crush Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Ready to share your BFCM catalog with the world? Head over to ZOOMcatalog where you can upload your digital catalog and share it with thousands of distributors.