Industry Marketing Report by ZOOMcatalog

The rollercoaster ride that was 2020 left many people in our industry with questions. Suppliers and distributors alike were asking if everyone was struggling as much as they were, and everyone wanted to know how they could do better in 2021.

Who’s sales are down? Who’s ditching print catalogs? Who’s using social media to promote their businesses? And most importantly–how can you use all of this information to excel in the coming year?

That’s where the ZOOMcatalog Industry Marketing Report comes in. We surveyed hundreds of leading promotional products companies, dove deep into their tactics and strategies, and bundled it all together for you.


The ZOOMcatalog 2020 Industry Marketing Report is a 360-degree analysis of the promotional products industry—the tactics and strategies that suppliers and distributors are using every day.

We took the numbers and matched them to the real-world experiences of suppliers and distributors working in the promotional product industry today. 

By diving into this report, you not only walk away with an understanding of what your peers are doing in their marketing efforts on a regular basis but also the information you’ll need to thrive in 2021. 

Think of this as your personal industry playbook.


Sharing this information creates a deeper connection between suppliers and distributors. As partners, the two work hand-in-hand to deliverer promotional products to brands to end-buyers, so it’s important everyone knows what we’re experiencing and expecting.

By diving deep into the best minds of the industry, everyone can learn, understand, and implement new marketing strategies that will help their business grow. 


We surveyed over 300 industry professionals ranging from business executives to sales teams and marketing specialists. Distributors and suppliers both contributed to the information you’ll find in the report.

We asked them the questions that every marketer and executive wants to know and they gave us their honest answers, putting it all on the table for everyone to see. And best believe: you’ll want to read their answers. 

“So what do I get out of all of this?”

That’s another good question, and we have that answer too. Here’s the breakdown of what you’ll walk away with:

Read the 2020 Industry Marketing Report by ZOOMcatalog and get exclusive access to the insights you need to thrive in 2021.

  • A recap of where suppliers and distributors stand currently. 
  • The strategies and tactics both are using to market and sell their products.
  • What suppliers and distributors want from one another.
  • What suppliers and distributors are expecting for 2021.