Case Study: Rethinking ZOOMcatalogs with The Magnet Group

The Magnet Group—one of the premier suppliers of promotional products—has been using ZOOMcatalog for over five years now. Recently, The Magnet Group’s Webmaster and their Executive Vice President, Nathan Baine and Dan Jellinek, approached our team with an exciting request: they wanted a way for users to immediately find the specific products they were looking for whenever they opened one of The Magnet Group’s digital catalogs.

Nathan and Dan’s idea? Something they called “InstaSearch.”

Since Nathan oversees all of The Magnet Group’s online marketing initiatives, and he worked closely with our team here at ZOOMcatalog to develop InstaSearch. We sat down with Nathan to talk about the hows and the whys behind this new tool.

Why this tool at this time?

The first thing we wanted to know: what was the inspiration behind InstaSearch? 

Nathan’s response? Like so many innovations over the last year, the idea was born out of a need to adapt to the pandemic. With more people working from home and foregoing print catalogs, InstaSearch allows The Magnet Group’s customers to jump directly to the pages they need right away.

“InstaSearch will allow customers to search for a specific product or group of products by keywords,” Nathan explained. He went on to say that their users won’t have to search through a table of contents or dense index to find what they’re looking for. 

InstaSearch amplifies ZOOMcatalog’s already-powerful search tool with additional catalog-specific keywords and puts the search field front and center, making it even easier to find products. It combines the discovery power of flipping through a print catalog with the speed and reliability of a Google search.

What was it like working with the ZOOMcatalog team?

At ZOOMcatalog, we partner with our suppliers to develop new solutions all the time, but we were curious what Nathan thought of the process.

“It was a great experience,” Nathan said. “We’ve had a tremendous relationship with ZOOMcatalog over the years, and the team was efficient, communicative, and delivered on the InstaSearch tool quickly while maintaining the quality promised in the initial idea phase.”

The only thing left to do was look to the future. 

What does The Magnet Group hope to accomplish with InstaSearch?

“This tool is going to change the way customers search and browse catalogs,” Nathan said. 

And we couldn’t agree more.

Try out InstaSearch for yourself. Browse The Magnet Group’s latest catalogs.