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Are you kicking yourself right now for forgetting to push corporate holiday gifts back in September and October? Imagine the revenue rolling in from happy holiday customers out spreading cheer…with the products you sold them. Don’t worry, we feel you. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the fires of the moment and forget about planting seeds for the future. There’s always something to do right now, and you can worry about the future tomorrow. Unfortunately, tomorrow becomes never and we miss those golden opportunities.

Kiss the planning hassles goodbye. We talked to many of our ZOOMcatalog supplier and distributor customers and listened to your biggest frustrations. The result? 

Trends by ZOOMcatalog 

Each month we’re going to make sure you have all the best industry information to keep your team up to date, and your bottom line growing. What does that actually mean? That’s a great question. Let’s look at the articles we’ll be providing each month inside of Trends.

Marketing Planner 

You’ll never miss another opportunity (like the holiday season) to sell more of whatever you sell. Each month, we’re going to tell you exactly what to promote. No thinking. No guessing. We’ll remind you of what’s coming in two months and provide a little information around the big events to spark your creativity. 

Want to get a jump on the game? Download our 2020 Promotional Products Marketing Calendar. Print it, make it your screen saver, or carry it in your wallet. This gem lists all of the major American selling events to keep in mind. Not a pdf person? Have no fear, you can bookmark this page and reference it all year.

Trends, Trending, Trendy

We’ll cover everything from the hottest trends of 2020 to the trending items of today. Trends (the name just clicked didn’t it?) by ZOOMcatalog is your resource for staying on top of what people want, and more importantly, what they’re buying. 

All you have to do is tune in and we’ll make sure you know what’s hot now, what’ll be hot tomorrow, and what the Kardashian Clan has in the works. Well, we probably won’t actually keep up with the Kardashians, but you get the idea. We have our finger firmly planted on the pulse of the promotional products industry. 

Industry News

Speaking of what’s happening in the promotional products industry…

What’s going to happen tomorrow between China and the US? That’s a question nobody can answer, yet. It’s an ever-changing game that we’re tracking for you. From tariffs to trade shows, we’ll tell you what’s going on in the promotional products industry so you’re always in the know. 

Flyers, Catalogs & Marketing Materials 

This category is right in our sweet spot. As the leaders in customizable digital marketing materials for the promotional products industry, it’s our passion, purpose, and promise to keep your marketing materials fresh. You can expect tutorials, tips, and best practices that will boost your marketing productivity and results. 

Feature Article

Last but not least, we’ll have a feature article every month. Each feature article will provide invaluable information to improve your marketing, sales, and promotional efforts. A few of the feature articles coming your way in 2020 include:

  • How To Build A Content Marketing Plan
  • Social Media Marketing Guide 
  • Facebook Marketing 101
  • Email Marketing Basics 

We’ll See You In 2020

Trends is our way to give back to our valued customers. You help our business grow, so we want to help your business grow. Here’s to a prosperous 2020! 

We’ll let you know when the first issue of Trends hits in January. In the meantime, here’s that 2020 Promotional Products Marketing Calendar link again so you can get started on your 2020 planning.

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