July Marketing Planner: Build Awareness

Why You Should Be Building Awareness Now 

Plenty can happen in 30 days. Not long ago, we watched the whole country shut down at the mercy of coronavirus in less time than that. Whether we like it or not, things are looking very different than most of us expected in 2020. 

That being said, it’s not the time to slow down or take your foot off the gas. Now more than ever it’s important to be there when your customers need products to promote their brand.

How does one do that when nobody knows what is going to happen next? 

The answer is simple—awareness. You can’t control events and tradeshows, you can’t control seasonal and popular trends, and you most definitely can’t control the Coronavirus. But what you can control is how you set yourself up to win no matter the scenario. 

With a looming cloud over the coming months, distributors need to start working now to build the awareness needed to continue to succeed in the fall of 2020. Instead of telling you what to sell to your customers in this month’s marketing planner, we’re going to tell you how. 

Let’s get right into it…

Have a plan—regardless of what happens.

Instead of jumping directly into catalog selection and slinging anything and everything at potential customers, start with research, preparation, and planning. Every strong marketing effort is born out of thorough research.

Determine what each scenario might look like. For instance, if shutdowns continue and events/tradeshows are pushed off, how can your customers use promotional products to connect with their customers and employees? What will the challenges they’re facing look like and how can you be a solution? 

Now consider the opposite scenario. What will they need if the country continues to open up and businesses decide to start hosting events and putting on trade shows? 

Have a plan in place regardless of what happens with Coronavirus. Taking the time to map out each scenario will have you prepared and ready when buyers are looking for a solution based on the current environment. Once you do that, it’s time to head over to ZOOMcatalog, find the right catalogs, and begin sharing strategically. 

Set up your marketing machine.

Your marketing machine consists of your website, social media, email, and of course word of mouth. Each one connects with different audiences and prospects and can prove to be a valuable asset when it comes to securing deals. 


Let’s take your website–now is the perfect time to make sure your website is updated and ready to turn visitors into buyers. Keep your site simple and focus the message around your customer’s needs, not your business. People come to your website wanting you to have the solution to their problem, make it easy for them to see you do have the aspirin for their headache.

Pro Tip: A great way to keep your website current and fresh is to customize supplier catalogs as your own and feature them on your website. You can find catalogs that speak to your audience and what they’re currently going through. 


Since you’re already using top-notch digital catalogs from industry suppliers, take advantage of their flexibility and feature your catalog link in a weekly or monthly email that go out to your network. Your emails shouldn’t be blatantly sales driven. The goal is to be an idea machine for your customers and make them look forward to your creative ideas in each email. If you need help getting your email marketing off the ground, start here

Social Media

Social media is another major contributor to growing a bulky lead list. The two main areas distributors should focus on are LinkedIn and Facebook. Whether you’re running targeted ads that provide ideas and inspiration to earn trust, or you’re simply sharing a recently-customized catalog from your favorite supplier to stay top-of-mind, social media can turn faithful followers into red-hot leads. 

Pro Tip: Start your efforts on LinkedIn—it’s where most professionals spend their scrolling time. It’s quick and easy to post a catalog link, accompany it with a strong caption, and share it with all of your people. If you’re wondering how to do that, don’t worry, we’ve got a step-by-step video to walk you through it. 

Don’t stop after the purchase

This is the biggest missed opportunity in marketing. People who have purchased from you in the past are the best prospects for the future. Give them an experience they won’t forget with a remarkable follow-up sequence. 

Think of it like a helpful reminder that floats to your customer’s inbox, reminding them that you’ve got everything they need. Don’t underestimate the power of a strong follow-up sequence—it’s the difference between having one-time customers and loyal buyers. 

Stay flexible

Don’t cement yourself into one approach. With large question marks surrounding the next few months, flexible businesses willing to adapt will be the ones who win.

Be ready regardless of what happens. Don’t sit back waiting for the hammer to drop. Be proactive and put yourself in a position to prosper even if we’re back in quarantine.

If you’re looking to get more knowledge, visit the ZOOMacademy to take our course on how to communicate during a pandemic— it’s filled with tips and ideas on how to build and maintain awareness during this time.