Merch Madness 2022

Our suppliers are doing amazing things with their ZOOMcatalogs, and this March we want to celebrate all their beautiful awesomeness. (That’s a very technical term we use here.) We’ve selected some of our favorite pieces, and now it’s down to you to pick the coolest piece ever.

From now until the big game on April 4, we’ll give choices between lookbooks, catalogs, and flyers, and you can pick your favorite in our Stories. Vote early. Vote often! And get caught up in MERCH MADNESS!

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Gemline’s Spring Look Book 2022

Gemline is the industry standard when it comes to trends. From their trend team scouring the world for what’s hot to how it is implemented into their product design, there is no surprise to see them represented in this category.

Our Favorite Things: Each trend has a product and most products are explained in the beginning of the book. Each one is notated by icons to make it simple to find what you’re looking for. The level of interaction makes this piece incredibly interesting. That paired with amazing products, clearly a top winner!

  • Interactive– Video, links, max interaction
  • Photography – Imagery of the product in real life is really comprehensive.
  • Clipability – So many great images! If only fewer were overlaid with copy it would be even more clipable.
  • Relatable – Universal

S&S Activewear’s Color Trend Guide 2022

S&S is taking merchandising, trends, and layouts to a whole new level. This specific piece is the answer to everyone who is looking for color collections.

Our Favorite Things: This piece is organized in such an amazing way. Each page connects to a trend, a color, an idea. Any merchandising selection could be made by just clipping a few pages together. The non-traditional color choices show that they are pushing boundaries and offering options outside of the norm.

  • Photography – Images are vibrant with inspiration close-ups and clean product shots
  • Balance  – Such a great balance between the inspiring trend and the products available.
  • Clipability – Pretty sure every page could be a post
  • Relatable – Universal, even to traditional color enthusiasts who may want a fashion accent.

Illini Line’s Spring Into Summer 2022

Illini line has an incredibly well-rounded catalog that includes unique designs and universal best sellers. This catalog features their spring and summer ideas.

Our Favorite Things: This book screams summer and fun. The picture layouts are engaging, and they clearly did a lot of fantastic lifestyle photography. Each themed section shows on-trend ideas with bright, vibrant images for inspiration. You could cover your entire social media calendar for the summer using just these images!

  • Photography – Absolutely outstanding lifestyle images
  • Clipability – All we can say is “More, more, more!”

PCNA’s Trend Guide 2022

PCNA has created a trend-inspired lookbook with a serious focus on the why and how behind the products. This catalog contains little snippets of several categories, and each one could be the basis for a great merchandising campaign.

Our Favorite Things: PCNA identifies each trend with icons, which is amazing, but the best part is the variety of socially responsible options. Products are featured from B Corporations, FSC, 1% For the Planet, and others. PCNA makes it easy to find and understand these products and shows a great dedication to the trends.

  • Photography – Lots of great lifestyle photos
  • Balance – Fantastic blend of trends and images

Sofia’s Cookies’ 2022 Idea Catalog

Sofia’s Cookies is one of the hidden gems of the industry. If you haven’t given them a shot, you are missing out. These goodies come in fun customized packages!

Our Favorite Things: The photography in this catalog lets the food options jump off the page, but the real stars are the mailing, kitting, and fulfillment options. Toss in the inspiration pages at the end, and there is an idea for EVERY type of event.

  • Photography – So many bright shots and a great layouts
  • Balance – Every idea comes with an explanation
  • Clipability -Options to fit every theme
  • Relatable – There is an idea for EVERYONE in this book
  • Relatable – There is an idea for EVERYONE in this book

Logomark’s Trending and New Collection 2022

Logomark puts an emphasis on design with their direct design and produced products. This showcase is exactly what you need when your client asks, “So, what’s new?” 

Our Favorite Things: The way this catalog is laid out really showcases the products in a clean, unencumbered way. Each item has a link back to pricing and inventory, which helps keep everything up-to-date. The copy-free lifestyle shots are AMAZING and make this catalog so very clipabile. 

  • Interactive- Links to pricing
  • Photography – Incredible variety of lifestyle shots and diversity in models!
  • Clipability – Tons of lifestyle shots to choose from
  • Relatable – Variety of price points, styles, and images!

alphabroder’s Essential Branded Apparel 2022

alphabroder presents a comprehensive line from all areas of decoratable apparel. Name brands and private labels give you options to fit all of your clients’ preferences. 

Our Favorite Things: This catalog is maxed out when it comes to integration. Demo videos, 360 product views, technical videos, and collection videos plus helpful links to matching collections. It is basically a complete shopping experience all contained in one artistic catalog.

  • Interactive-It has everything
  • Photography – Lifestyle shots sprinkled throughout the pages
  • Balance – Shows a little of everything
  • Clipability – Clip lifestyle images, single products shots, or better yet, share a video

Peerless Umbrella 2022

Peerless always comes to the table with a strong mix of artistic style and top notch content. No one can make umbrellas look as cool as they can! But it isn’t just about umbrellas. They also showcase outdoor games, indoor games, coolers, bags, and everything fun!

Our Favorite Things: The copy in this catalog creates drips with atmosphere. Each page is full of the whys behind the products and how they can be used. The pops of color and trending information makes this an absolute winner!

  • Interactive- Clickable links go to video of the products
  • Photography – Bright lifestyle shots make everything vibrant and cheerful
  • Balance – Each page shows something more than just the product 
  • Clipability -Every page could be clipped to make a great social post or additional flair for your presentations


Rustico has an extensive selection of products with one thing in common: they’re all made of leather. Each option is comparable to a retail brand, but with Rustico’s unique design.

Favorite Things: Not all leathers are created equal and this is made clear on page 2 of this catalog. The letter from Rustico’s founder explains exactly why their leather is superior. Every lifestyle shot in this catalog emphasizes nature and the natural environment, and they all just feel…warm. The product shots are clean and simple, showing off the natural beauty of the product. Rustico absolutely elevates a traditional product into something premium and on-trend.

  • Photography – Detailed lifestyle shots, really beautiful
  • Clipability – Very clipable, main shots are lovely and products have clean backgrounds.

Hirsch Gift

Hirsch Gift is known for high-end, brand name gifts with decoration capabilities. Their spring collection shows the best of everything they offer regardless of the season.

Favorite Things: Our first favorite thing is the “Letter from the Owner” on the front page. This feels like the introduction to a magazine with a letter from the editor. Hirsch’s layout continues that feel of a fashion magazine. Their variety of model shots shows a great range of product colors and uses, and the gaming section is a welcomed surprise for an underserved niche.

  • Interactive- Video Enabled
  • Photography – Variety of lifestyle photos, clean product shots
  • Balance – Each section is themed and flows well
  • Clipability -Extremely


Lungsal is traditionally thought of as a pen line but they have unique designs and a larger line of products than just pens.

Our Favorite Things: Selection, flexibility, and style. Lungsal invests heavily in their catalog design, and their in-house art department excels and creating content that is easily shared forward to clients. Their innovation is clear in the pages of this book, from wooden writing instruments to a wide variety of metal and plastic lineups.

  • Photography – The highest quality images from the best product photographers
  • Balance – Each section is themed and flows well
  • Clipability -Extremely clipable!


AD’n’ART does exactly what it sounds like: brings art into design for incredibly designed drinkware pieces that are fashion-forward.

Our Favorite Things: The color in this catalog looks alive, and the care they put into the details adds texture to every graphic. They even created a heart out of steam! When the products are explained, they’re laid out in a way that’s reminiscent of a magazine article instead of a Features and Benefits spread.

  • Interactive- Video Enabled
  • Photography – Variety of lifestyle photos and clean product shots
  • Balance – Each section is themed and flows well
  • Clipability -Extremely clipable!

LAT Apparel

LAT Apparel always brings a balance of comfort and style, and this book is no exception. It showcases an incredible selection of products and trends. This catalog has also been featured in one of our Break Out blogs earlier this year.

Our Favorite Things: The design is minimalistic, which showcases the colors in a clean, clear way. The organization makes the catalog easy to mix and match youth, adult, men, and women styles. One thing we really love about this catalog is the diverse representation of models. It is so relatable!

  • Interactive- Links and video!
  • Photography – Diverse, simple, and well laid out
  • Balance – This sprinkles in trends and layouts
  • Clipability – The inspiration pages make it easy to clip and pull out social posts and flyers


Goldstar always brings bright vibes and personality to every piece they create. Their options are comprehensive and well laid out. There are so many options, but trust us – you have to check out every single color.

Our Favorite Things: When this catalog came up in our weekly catalog updates email, it had incredibly high click rates even though it was tucked away at the bottom of the email. Clearly, this is already a fan favorite!

  • Photography – Each pen is featured in every color
  • Balance – Comprehensive product shots
  • Clipability – Easy to pull any single pen or a selection
  • Relatable – Pens are a top seller for a reason


SanMar is famous for their focus on consumer trends and how they fit into the bigger picture of merchandising. This look book delivers on the sustainability trend and examines the why behind the products exceptionally. Each page showcases what consumers are seeking and how you can answer that need with a product.

Our favorite Things: The imagery in this book blends sustainable stock images with clean layouts. The models used for private label brands are full of action and feel just like the retail brands. This would fit in any vertical market.

  • Interactive – Website links
  • Photography – Gorgeous
  • Balance – A good mix of information and product shots
  • Clipability – Tons of images and facts to borrow


Tekweld has taken a bold approach showcasing niche look books themed for specific vertical categories. They break down their comprehensive catalog into smaller, bite-sized pieces in each book.

Our Favorite Things: The layout in these catalogs is very retail. With the large stock photography balancing the product information, it is easy to see the inspiration and the products matched. Although there are several of these look books, we specifically chose the canibus one to showcase an underserved niche.

  • Photography – Images are whimsical and fun
  • Clipability – Very clippable photography and product shots
  • Relatable – Particular market but opportunities may surprise you