Social Insights for Promo Pros: Leveraging LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn’t just for job postings anymore. Sure, you can still post your resume and find career opportunities on this well-established social network, but more than ever LinkedIn has become a place for professionals to gather, share, and discuss new ideas. Think of it like Facebook, but without all your relatives and high school classmates arguing about politics.

With more than 740 million users (40% of whom browse the page on a daily basis) and 55 million registered companies, LinkedIn should be one of your first (if not your very first) social network when planning your social strategy.

Whether you’re trying to drum up more sales leads or highlight your company culture to attract more employees, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to show the industry who you are and what you have to offer.

Let’s look at the core strategies for taking control of your LinkedIn presence and using it to bolster your business. 

Visuals are Important

Social media is a visual medium, and using quality images and videos on LinkedIn is just as important as any other platform. Articles with good visual content get over 90% more views than simple text posts. 

Pro Tip: use the ZOOMcatalog clipping tool to snag the best, most eye-catching images from supplier catalogs and attach them to your posts.

Create a Solid Cadence

On LinkedIn, less is more. You want to post consistently, but not too often. Maintaining consistency is important, but on LinkedIn, there are diminishing returns to posting too frequently. 

This is good news for overworked marketing teams who don’t have a lot of time to generate social content. Try posting two to three times a week to build up your rhythm, and then go from there. 

Share and Share a Like

When you post, try using the 4-1-1 Rule that’s popular on Twitter. The basics state that for every one self-serving post, you should repost one relevant post and share four relevant pieces of content from other users. 

This could be an insightful industry article, a growing trend, or an important announcement from one of the promotional products industry organizations like ASI or PPAI. Of course, you should feel free to add your own comments to the share. A sentence or two on what you found interesting about the article or why you think it’s worth reading is valuable content and will help start conversations. 

Analytics are Your Friend

At the top of your company page, under the analytics tab, there should be an “updates” option. Clicking on that will take you to your LinkedIn analytics page. From there you can track how well your posts are performing. If you want to succeed on social media, you have to keep an eye on your data.

Think of every campaign as another test, and use those stats to adjust your tactics for the next round of posts. 

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