Suppliers: Upgrade Your User Experience with Website Integration

The digital revolution has transformed the way promotional products distributors and suppliers interact with their customers on every level of business. Gone are the days when websites could squeak by as nothing more than passive electronic brochures. Suppliers, your customers expect websites to do things – to be tools they can use to make their jobs easier.

The top suppliers in the industry have devoted a lot of time and effort to redesigning their digital experience from the top down (and you can learn exactly how they did that in our Going Digital interview series), but you don’t have to make such grand sweeping gestures to give your customers the tools they need to succeed. 

You can put the power of digital catalogs and flyers in the hands of your customers by integrating ZOOMcatalog with your website. It’s actually a pretty simple process, and there are two different ways you can go about doing it:

Linking: use unique URLs to link to ZOOMcatalog and ZOOMcustom catalogs and flyers.

ZOOMcatalog API: Integrate our tools to automatically publish catalogs and flyers to your website with options to easily customize, download, and share.

Which option works best for you? 

Use linking if you: 

  • Only release a couple of catalogs and/or flyers each year.
  • Cannot customize your website or implement an API.
  • Want your customers to log in to their ZOOMcatalog account to access ZOOMstudio or to add their logos to your catalogs and flyers.

Use the API if you:

  • Release multiple catalogs and/or flyers each year.
  • Spend too much time adding, removing, and updating catalogs and flyers on your website.
  • Want your customers to log in to your website (instead of their ZOOMcatalog account) to access ZOOMstudio and customize your catalogs and flyers.

Want to learn more? We’ve put together a guide that will walk you through everything you need to make an informed decision.

View the Guide

Rather talk to someone in person or learn more about our studio tools? We’re happy to help you pick the best integration option for your company. Contact us today!