The Bleeding Edge of Tech Promo

We live in the future. There’s no denying it. Electric cars drive us to work, robots send us pictures from alien worlds, and an invisible network surrounds our planet allowing us to see our coworkers’ cats walking across their keyboards in the middle of meetings. 

Technology is everywhere, and if you’re not already adding a tech component to your promo campaign pitches, consider this: according to recent estimates by the smart people who like to measure these sorts of things, 96% of Americans own smartphones. That’s more than the number of car owners in America right now!

The demand for tech promo couldn’t be higher, because these products sit directly at the intersection of Desirable Street and Useful Avenue. 

So, whether you’re planning an exclusive, high-end campaign with branded, noise-canceling headphones by Bose, or a more budget-friendly project featuring mobile tech accessories, now is the time to jump into the world of tech promo. 

We put together a list of six trending products to help you think outside the box (or inside the box in a brand new way, if you look at the final product below).

  • Once the realm of YouTubers and video game streamers on Twitch, a good webcam video set-up is something we’ve all grown to appreciate during lockdown. Branded webcams, studio lights, and wireless presenters help bring teams together regardless of the distances between them.
  • Consider assembling a niche lookbook or flyer with your top-shelf tech offerings much like the latest creation from Incentive Concepts.
Incentive Concepts
  • More than just a wireless speaker, Origaudio’s Aurabox 2.0 uses custom animations to bring your social media notifications out of your phone and onto your desk. The unique chat function allows you to message other users on your team.
  • Employees aren’t confined to their cubicles anymore, and our offices are wherever we happen to be, so don’t forget about tech-friendly bags that help us shuttle our stuff from one adventure to the next.
  • Last but as far away from least as can be: boxes. Nothing says high-end experience like a good solid box. (You know the kind–the ones that make you think twice about throwing them out.) Keepsake always goes above and beyond “just a nice box”, but the NFC technology they’ve built into their latest Smart Boxes are lightyears beyond. Check out everything you can do here.

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