Top 5 Ways to Use ZOOMcatalogs & Flyers at Virtual Trade Shows

Your digital marketing materials are vital components of your virtual trade show kit. Here are five clever ways you can use your ZOOMcatalogs to make the most of your virtual trade show experience. 

  • Add ZOOMcatalogs to Your Virtual Booth
    Gather all of your digital flyers and catalogs in one place and link to them from your virtual booth. Don’t forget to induce your ZOOMcustom catalogs and flyers so your visitors can add their logo to your marketing materials. If you have more than one ZOOMcatalog or flyer, we can help you create a landing page for the show.

  • Create Exclusive Marketing Materials for the Show
    Create hype around your latest product launches and new service features. Highlight your newest products or focus on a specific product line with breakout catalogs and niche flyers. You could also entice distributors to visit your booth by offering early access to customized versions of these pieces.

  • Browse Catalogs and Share Products
    Put your entire product selection at your customer’s fingertips during the show. Send your ZOOMcatalog link to booth visitors to direct them to a specific product or use the Jump to Page feature to browse the catalog together.

  • Help Visitors Customize Your Catalogs and Flyers
    90% of distributors prefer to customize catalogs before sharing them with end buyers. During one-on-one meetings, show any newbies how quick and easy it is to personalize your catalogs and flyers. This will greatly increase the usage and reach of these powerful digital marketing materials.

  • Upgrade The Experience for Your Visitors
    Impress your visitors by proactively delivering customized marketing pieces featuring their own branding. During the show, ask booth visitors for their logos and contact information, and then afterward, follow up with custom catalogs and flyers. 


BONUS TIP: Capture the show attendees’ attention with engaging thumbnail images and trusted name recognition. We’ve got a selection of images you can use to show off your marketing materials below. Just click to enlarge and save a copy on your computer, then upload them to your virtual booth.

We can also help you set up a landing page that includes all of your digital marketing materials for easy sharing. Contact Us for a Demo.