Top Twenty Catalogs of 2018

Thousands of ZOOMcatalogs were viewed millions of times in 2018!

Here are the twenty most viewed ZOOMcatalogs of 2018. There are a number of factors that go into attracting views of a ZOOMcatalog, and each of these catalogs made the list for different reasons.

The twenty most viewed ZOOMcatalogs in 2018 are…

20: Augusta Sportswear Winter / Fall 2018

19: All-In-One 2018

18: Vitronic 2018

17: Gill Line / Bebco 2018

16: Prime Line / Jetline New and Favorites 2018

15: Edwards 2018

14: The Magnet Group Branded Solutions 2018

13: Labels 2018

12: SanMar Nike Golf 2018

11: Chef Works 2018

10: SanMar Sport-Tek 2018

9: Ariel Premium 2018

8: S&S Activewear 2018

7: Continental Headwear 2018

6: PCNA Reference Guide 2018

5: PCNA New for 2018

4: Crown Products 2018

3: BIC Graphic 2018

2: Hit Promo 2018

1: And the #1 most viewed catalog for 2018 is… SanMar Apparel, Bags & Caps 2018



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