ZOOMcustom has a new and improved catalog share page

Last month we released a big update to one of the most used parts of ZOOMcustom – the share page. Once you’re done customizing your catalog, you will now see our new share page that has been designed to answer one critical question – “What do I do with my catalog next?”

Example of the share page on https://alphabroder.zoomcustom.com

For distributors

Once you’ve finished customizing your chosen catalog, you can now clearly see all the different options available to you to make effective use of your new catalog. You can quickly: 

  1. Share your catalog to social media
  2. Copy a link to paste into Slack, Microsoft Teams, or even WhatsApp
  3. Download a PDF of your new catalog
  4. Copy the embed code to add it to your website
  5. Send your catalog via email

You can even share the link to the share page with your team and let them access all the above options to distribute your catalog to all the right places.

For suppliers

For suppliers customizing catalogs for your distributors, there is no better way to share that already customized catalog. By simply sending your distributors the URL to the share page you give them a guide on how to use their catalogs to get the best results.

The new share page is available for everyone today. Simply head to zoomcatalog.com/custom and find a catalog you’d like to make your own to get started.