2020 Trends In Review

This year we delivered over 48 trends directly to your inbox. We’re big fans of analytics here at ZOOMcatalog, so we looked at the numbers and gathered up the most popular posts of 2020.

  1. What You Need To Run Your Business While You’re Stuck at Home
    In 2020, we helped you manage your business during quarantine and gave you the tools you needed to stay productive.  
  2. What You SHOULDN’T Do With Your Catalogs
    While everyone was exploring new ways of working online, we pointed out five common mistakes to avoid when putting together a digital catalog.
  3. What’s Trending Now
    We uncovered the top catalog layout and design trends of 2020, looking at everything from popular images to whether or not you should include pricing.
  4. What Will Be Trending Tomorrow
    We also examined all of the digital catalog trends you should see more next year—things like embedded video, external links to detailed product pages, and the next level white labeling.
  5. What’s In Your Inbox
    Finally, we asked, “Is email marketing still worth it?” Spoiler alert: it is. Read the full article to find out why. 

For twelve months straight, we delivered industry trends to your inbox, and we’re going to keep doing it throughout 2021. Be sure to sign up for our monthly trend report