3 Key Insights from HPG’s Digital Journey

With brands like Hub, Debco, Origaudio, and more under their umbrella, HPG is on the cutting edge of digital marketing. Their content stands out among the industry for its high-quality visual design and captivating videos. We caught up with Ben Pawsey to chat about digital trends and HPG’s recent virtual trade show experiences. We came away with three important insights to help you with your own digital journey.

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Insight 1: Story is the beating heart of your campaign

A compelling story is the fastest and strongest way to create an emotional connection with your customers. HPG uses video to tell impactful stories that inspire their distributors and end-users. Recently, they’ve started using this philosophy to promote Batch & Bodega, and they leverage storytelling to highlight the artisans who produce the unique, small-batch product offerings

Insight 2: Take advantage of the digital medium

Digital catalogs and flyers aren’t bound to the same limitations as print. You can focus on featuring only your best visuals. Design breath-taking page layouts that highlight artful product photography (that tells a story on its own), then you can incorporate external links to your website. This allows you to include more detailed information and buying options than ever, but also lets you maintain a trendy, retail look and feel.

“HPG has been producting high-quality photography and video content for two years now,” Ben said. “That content library is invaluable.”

See how HPG harnessed the power of external linking. 

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Insight 3: Embrace video 

“If you’re new to video,” Ben recommends. “Computers and smartphones come with free, built-in, easy to use video editing tools you can use to experiment.”

Once you’ve embraced the digital medium, you can begin incorporating different types of video within your digital marketing campaigns and sales efforts. As Ben describes, live videos create an interactive experience and offer a bit of suspense to the presentation–you never know what’s going to happen during a live broadcast. In addition to their live videos, HPG integrates various types of product videos into their websites delivering product education and powerful sales tools

“Until everyone is back on the road, there is no better way to tell a product story than video.”

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