3 Simple Ways to Distribute Your ZOOMcatalog at Expo

We’re excited to see you at EXPO! If you’re like us, you’re making sure you’re going to get the best ROI for your investment in the show. These quick tips will show you how to get your ZOOMcatalogs into the hands of your distributors.

One: Use QR Codes in Your Booth

Part of the fun of attending the PPAI Expo each year is getting cool new ideas, browsing the trending products, finding inspiration for the year ahead, and sharing it all with your customers. The part that isn’t always so fun is shipping back boxes and boxes of catalogs. It can be expensive and hard on the back! 

How do you make it easier for visitors to your booth to get all the fantastic ideas of your catalog without the extra baggage? Two words: QR Code.

Everyone has their phone with them, and now-a-days most phones have built-in QR Code readers. Use a generator website like www.qr-code-generator.com to create a code out of the direct link to your catalog. Then you can print it out on a template like the one we’ve made just for you and display it in your booth.

This gives distributors the ability to instantly access and easily bookmark your catalogs and forward them to their colleagues and customers. 

Two: Link your digital catalog in your show follow up

There can be so many follow-up emails after a show is over. Including a link to your digital catalog in your emails will help your message stand out from the deluge, and it gives your visitors an easy way to browse your products, add them to their website, and share them with customers.

If you discussed a specific project or product, you could send the exact page to find the item, making it even easier for them. And, still, allow them to browse other ideas they may have missed. They can also bookmark it for later use, share it on social media, and more! 

Unlike a physical catalog, the digital version also comes with the bonus of always having the most up-to-date information available. When the distributor pulls up that follow-up email from the show months later, it will still be accurate giving it a longer life and less likely to be recycled.   

Three: Customize a catalog for each of your booth visitors

Most suppliers will send follow-up emails after the show. Generic emails, blasted out to everyone, can feel impersonal and boring. A great way to make your visitors feel special is to customize your catalog with their logo and contact information, then you can include that customized catalog in your email.

Customized catalogs are the personal touch that keeps the conversation going and gives them a tool to market your products to their customers. 

Create catalogs featuring their logo and their contact information for them, or give them access to your ZOOMcustom portal and let them make their own. Either way, everyone wins. 

You can also send the link to people who weren’t able to connect with you on the show floor. Sometimes even the best clients can’t make it to the booth. It’s impossible to catch everyone. Digital catalogs give them the experience even from a distance.

If you need help, we’re here for you. Contact us for a quick tutorial.

We’ll see you at EXPO!

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