3 Steps for Using ZOOMcatalogs to Improve Your Sales Efforts

What if we said you can make your sales cycle more efficient and effective in 30 minutes or less? You can, and it’s not hard. Grab your notebook and a pen, we’re about to break down how you can improve your sales cycle in 3 easy steps.

1 – The Pre-Sale – Start by going beyond the basics.

Use digital catalogs and flyers in your marketing efforts as a tool to inspire your potential customers and spark new marketing initiatives for them. Your customers are always looking for unique ways to get their brand in front of people and you can be the one to deliver the perfect vehicle.

Whether it be a breakout ZOOMcatalog focused on experiential Holiday gifts or a digital flyer tailored toward promoting fall clothing, you can use these tools to trigger your customer and lead them down the path to purchase. 

You’re probably thinking, where can I get my inspiration? 

Lucky for you, ZOOMcatalog has thousands of digital catalogs and flyers right here where you can find pretty much any promotional product. 

A huge portion of closing sales is providing prospects constant reminders that you exist. Be the person that comes to mind when a need arises and they’ll reach out to you. 

Which leads us to…

2 – The Pitch

Show up prepared for your digital meeting just like you would an in-person meeting. Have a range of ZOOMcatalogs and flyers open and ready to share. However, unlike an in person meeting where you’re limited by what your arms can carry, you have the digital world at your fingertips. No matter where the meeting goes, you can be ready with a catalog or flyer a screen share away. 

It’s not about selling them on specific products in a pitch, it’s about providing a solution to their needs. Use your pitch to present ideas and pay attention to where their eyes light up. 

Have the right assets waiting. Open multiple browser tabs with different ideas queued up. Be ready to jump to specific pages you know will seal the deal with your customer. It’ll feel like you’re reading their mind and on top of every need. 

You may be thinking, how do I skip directly to the pages in my digital catalog that I want to showcase to a potential customer?

We’ve got you covered. ZOOMcatalog gives you the ability to navigate around catalogs using the “jump to page” or “search” tools within each catalog. 

If you embrace everything ZOOMcatalog has to offer, pitching in a digital world can be a huge advantage. 

Now let’s talk about sealing the deal…

3 – The Follow Up

You’ve prepped these customers with inspiration, then given them your perfect sales pitch with flawless examples using your digital catalogs and flyers, now it’s time to close the sale. 

You should have some ideas of what really caught their attention in the pitch to power this step.

Here’s how you close: 

  • After your pitch, follow up with an email that takes the customer to those products they couldn’t keep their eyes off. 
  • Drop URL links to them on ZOOMcatalog where they can directly look at the pages and items you had talked about the day before. 
  • From there, follow up a few days later summarizing your proposed solution based on their needs and providing clear next steps. 

It’s as simple as that. By meeting your potential customers right where they are in each step of the sales funnel, you can drive them closer to a purchase that provides real value for their brand.

Try adding these 3 steps to your sales cycle and we are sure that you’ll start to see customers clamor over your digital catalogs and flyers.  

Have more questions about how to use ZOOMcatalog in your sales cycle? Schedule a time with our team for a consultation.