Back to Basics: International Catalogs

Since the invention of the internet, the borders that separate our communities have thinned until now the difference between a local mom-and-pop corner shop and an international business is practically nonexistent.  Companies are expanding their reach internationally, and this creates just as many opportunities as it does challenges. 

Changing buying trends, differences in marketing channels, time zones galore, and most obviously, language barriers. Pictures might be worth a thousand words, but eventually, you have to know what that t-shirt is made of. Top selling products and styles don’t always translate from region to region, either, and you’ll probably need to take a different approach to find the right option. 

With all that in mind, how many different versions of catalogs can you realistically keep on hand? How many different languages can you anticipate needing? What if you have an amazing opportunity with a company, but the one barrier is they need a French or Spanish option? 

Well, we have an answer for that. 

ZOOMcatalog is an international company so we understand what you go through to be able to service multinational clients. That’s why we made sure our apps worked with multiple languages. Currently, you can use the ZOOMcustom interface and viewer in Spanish, French, German, and Italian. Our ZOOMstudio can be translated into other languages and also offers other currencies to make it even easier to create digital marketing materials that can go straight to the client.

Through the ZOOMcatalog search engine, you can find suppliers in Canada, Europe, and South Africa, view their catalogs directly and supply to your client without using Google translate. Plus, you can rest assured that the product selections, pricing, and currency values are all purpose-built for the specific regions.

To switch languages, just toggle the option in the upper right-hand corner of the website:

We are constantly innovating to make international business easier. Let us know your international opportunities and see if we can help!