Back to Basics: Searching for Catalogs & Flyers

Did you know you can find more than catalogs on ZOOMcatalog? – you can find exactly what you’re looking for. With our advanced search features, you can search for suppliers, brands, and even product IDs. What makes ZOOMcatalog’s search feature stand out is the context. 

You won’t find 100 blue mugs; you’ll find 100 blue mugs on the pages of digital catalogs surrounded by other products, lifestyle photos, and videos. You’ll find more than just the mug – you’ll find inspiration. 

Let’s explore the ways you can hone your search-fu and use ZOOMcatalog to find the perfect product (or products) for every occasion. 

SEARCH BY: Keyword

Of course, you can type “shirts” into our search engine and find hundreds of results, but did you know our system logs every word used in the product descriptions? That means you can search for a specific kind of fabric, color, even a product ID.  

SEARCH BY: Supplier

Instead of searching by product keyword, you can search by supplier and find all of their current catalogs. Don’t forget, you can always narrow any search by supplier with the list of options on the left-hand side of the results page. 


Sometimes it can be hard to remember who carries what brand. You can enter the brand name into the “brand” field on our main search page. This will show you every instance of products from that particular brand across all of the current catalogs on ZOOMcatalog. 


To every season, tabs, tabs, tabs. There are two seasonal tabs on the search results page, allowing you to see the newest, most timely catalogs and breakout books in the industry. Right now, you can browse Holiday Catalogs and 2022 Catalogs. Keep your eyes on the tabs for the latest.

Customize What You Find

Who doesn’t love to see their brand front and center? It makes the content more meaningful to your end-user. All of these techniques work exactly the same when you search for customizable catalogs and flyers! 


Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, make sure you know how best to share it with your customers. Check out our previous Back to Basics article here.