Breakout Spotlight: Ariel’s Best and New

Each week, the breakout spotlight features a seasonal, breakout, or niche catalog on ZOOMcatalog. We’ll tell you why we love it, give you powerful insights, and offer some “grab and go” images and copy you can use on your own social media at the end.

This week we’re highlighting Ariel’s New Products & Best Sellers 2022. 

Title: New Products & Best Sellers 2022
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Customizable: Yes
Regions: USA

Ariel’s latest breakout catalog pushes the limits and sets the bar for interactive digital catalogs everywhere. Their New Products & Best Sellers 2022 catalog features all the info you need to hook a client and close a sale, including handy icons to help you identify eco-friendly products and easy-to-read swatch options. 

But that’s not all. Ariel goes the extra mile by including helpful links to their website where you can find additional details or even place an order if you’ve got an account. They’ve even included an easy link to the Coming Soon section of their website. Now you’ll never miss their latest releases and newest products. 

From tools to totes to tents and so much more, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in Ariel’s newest and best breakout catalog.

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“From tools to totes to tents and so much more, you’ll find the perfect tech item to complete your next campaign:” 

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