Breakout Spotlight: Gemline’s Spring Lookbook

Each week, the breakout spotlight features a seasonal, breakout, or niche catalog on ZOOMcatalog. We’ll tell you why we love it, give you powerful insights, and offer some “grab and go” images and copy you can use on your own social media at the end.

This week we want to share Gemline’s digitally enhanced lookbook for Spring 2022.

Title: Lookbook Spring 2022
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Customizable: Yes
Regions: USA

If you ask us, spring couldn’t get here soon enough, and thanks to Gemline’s latest lookbook we don’t have to wait. This digitally enhanced catalog features new customization options, sustainable products, embedded videos, clickable links, and more. You can easily identify products that reflect the latest trends, products that offer a charitable give-back program, and inspiring ways to connect with clients.

This is the perfect example of an elevated approach to a lookbook. Gemline is known for being ahead of retail trends because of their extensive research, and they’re featuring tried and true trends like Give Back, Stustainable and Personalize, but they’re also adding in Engage, Escape and Improve and making it easy to identify each by adding icons. 

But, as always with Gemline, there’s more to the message than just the product. From the clean design to the perspective photography, this feels like a retail shopping experience. Even though the themes are different, the natural look of the Out of the Woods(R), darker motion of the Sidekick line, modern kitchen for Stonewall Kitchen(R), and more, still create a cohesive look ready to inspire any client.    

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